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  1. Small world. I work in Elgin. From the looks of that map the guitar is located about 10 minutes from my work.
  2. I've shipped several Buddas to Jeff over the years. I did the same thing, shipped the chassis only. I've owned SD 18s, 30s and a 45. I ended up selling them all except for an SD30 that I'll probably keep forever. I had it modded with a half power switch and a "brite" mod. I found the SD30 a bit on the dark side with empasis on the lower mids. The Brite mod puts the more emphasis on the upper mid. The Brite mod is on a toggle switch so I can turn it off and on. I have the 1x12 combo cab but also have a mini headshell. I keep my SD30 in the mini headshell and use it with a variety of c
  3. Outdoor gigs booked this year. Can't do too many because of my work schedule but am looking forward to seeing bandmates and family/friends.
  4. Costco is the only place I buy batteries. Insanley cheap.
  5. Yeah, I'm sure I raved about it on TGP. I regret selling miine. Maybe one day I'll get another. Would like to get a mini head.
  6. Congrats! I used to have a Splawn SS combo. Great amp. Powerful little sucker. Gigged with it and it sounded awesome. I eventually sold it. Also owned several Budda SuperDrives and still own an SD30II Both are great amps but they are very different. The Splawn is definitely more in the Marshall JCM800 camp. Budda has a fatter, darker tone.
  7. Small world. I work right down the road from Huntley off of Big Timber Rd. I'll sometimes hit the Huntley Walmart or Jewel on my ride home. I know it's not your color but let me know if you want to take a look at it. I can bring it to work with me. 😁
  8. Congrats! If you have a digital (or not) bathroom scale you can weigh yourself with and whithout holding the guitar. The difference will give you the weight of the guitar.
  9. All the cases I currently have included a guitar to go with it. This is the only Hamer I have for sale right now.
  10. I do. I missed my old one so bad that I bought this one a couple of years ago. Great guitar but I'm not a big fan of the fat neck. I have used it at a gig and within 5 seconds the neck size didn't matter anymore but I'm not gigging anymore and don't see me doing any gigs for quite a while. Don't need the money but I have too many guitars and even worse, too many guitar cases. The cases take up almost an entire small bedroom and I'm in the process of trying to downsize everything.
  11. I'm hoping to find a Budda SD30 under my Hamer guitar pick.
  12. The official Gibson name for this model is the Junior Special. It's basically a Les Paul Special. 2012 model with two P90s and baked or "Torrified" maple fretboard.This is a great playing and sounding guitar. Little bit of fretwear at the cowboy chord area but nothing that affects playability. Overall good condition but it has been gigged. Just normal gig wear. The neck is straight and it can be setup with very low action with no fretting out. 60s slim neck. Weighs just under 8 lbs on my digital bathroom scale. I am only looking for a local in-person sale. Cannot ship at this time. C
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