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  1. Bobby Marshall

    Bobby Marshall

  2. Just think of them as another serial number.
  3. Trading should count. Selling a guitar and buying another should also count. Every guitar that comes in should count, regardless of how many leave. But its not my thread so what do I know.
  4. Is Mike S. going to offer pizza day finishes as an upcharge?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all HFCers and their loved ones. On a related note to the OP, I wonder how many of us already own guitars that were made by Shishkov (along with his former bretheren) . . . I am thankful to have at least one, I think.
  6. As a great man once told me, "just play it".
  7. I have been getting educated on tweed era in general and ran across this fella. Chassis kit for 5f6a (as well as 5f1 and 5e3). I think he will also build complete amp for you too. No affiliation. http://www.boothillamps.com/site/aca402d6eab0477780906951d0e63b87/default?url=http%3A%2F%2Fboothillamps.com%2F5F6_Kits.php#2933
  8. Get one of these. http://www.guitarfetish.com/PREMIUM-checkerboard-Les-Paul-Case-SUPER-Plush-OUR-BEST_p_11296.html not original but right mojo
  9. Has to be one of the earliest, if not THE earliest, Hamer Standard that did not go on tour in the 70s, yes? Seems like all the others I have read about from this era were all purchased by touring guitarists. Obviously this is pure conjecture on my part, and the OP would know for sure, but my guess is that she would be the cleanest existing pre 1978 Hamer Standard. If I were buying the Hamer brand from FMIC, I would put this guitar in the shop as a symbol of our production goal and of the history of the brand. Maybe someone should take some measurements and make some tracings before she is sold? She is "the Ultimate" after all. Doesn't get better than this one.
  10. There were other 4D with bound headstocks including 0210 which was black with bound neck and dots and the Hamer on the Shoes website. http://www.shoeswire.com/
  11. Why does Mitch get so much crap around here? Top of the heap in my book. Hear, hear!
  12. Now that's a eunuch!! Oh wait, I mean, now that's a Hamer!!!! Congrats on getting that order in. Well done.
  13. Covers usually only transfer for same manufacturer. Just buy covered pickups. WCR Goodwood bridge is great. PAF type pickups love standards.
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