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  1. Hey Fellas, Heres a great review of the NYC Rockwood gig with some cool Hamer photos! https://playtoomuch.com/feature-chris-berardo-and-the-desberardos-at-nycs-rockwood-music-hall/ We’ll be at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester NY Thursday Nov 21: https://www.thecapitoltheatre.com/events/detail/chris-berardo-the-desberardos-g5vvz4u3pmozs And in Philadelphia on Fri Nov 22 at https://conniesricrac.com/
  2. Mike DiMeo is a great player and a great guy! I played a bunch of gigs with him and Andy Aledort, Guitar World senior editor and long-time guitarist for Dickey Betts and Great Southern. Mike is a great singer too!
  3. Sonny is the undisputed Heavyweight Champ in my book 🤘😎
  4. Right on @gorch ! Thanks for the kind words
  5. The Princeton RIs are great! Definitely check out the reissue silver face deluxe, it’s even better than the originals and a killer pedal platform.
  6. Hey Fellas, Playing with Chris Berardo & the DesBerardos at Rockwood Music Hall tonight at 8. Very cool American rock band playing songs from the upcoming album produced by David Abeyta of Reckless Kelly. Any HFCer who says Hi gets a drink on me. 🤘😎
  7. Love Freddie King! And I never knew that he did the majority of picking with a finger pick on his index finger, and a thumb pick- in that order... Very cool and quirky!
  8. I ordered a ZenDrive from the sale. The listing indicated a few days shipping, but when I emailed for tracking info they got right back to me to say it would be about three weeks before shipping. Oh well. Im actually gonna hang with Sonny Landreth tonight, looking forward to telling him about it
  9. It’s a perfectly cromulent word. Seems like a really cool setup! What are you using for a foot controller for the TC? Do you have individual fx controls, or patch up and down?
  10. Yeah man, Right On. They’re def in the price range, and I always thought that was one of the best layouts of that series, for gigging. Still had all the effects (like the very important Verbzilla ‘Octo’ setting, haha) but also retained the most functional knobs. Brooks, it might be too bulky for what your looking for, but certainly sounds great. Have you tried one?
  11. He’s a good dude. I first met him when my band did a gig opening for Gregg Allman’s solo band years ago, Scott was his lead player for many years. Ran into him again a few months ago at Rockwood in NYC, still a great player and great guy
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