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  1. They’re all spruce tops. The 3 hole versions are a one-piece flat spruce top with 3 holes instead of an F-hole, over a chambered mahogany body, the Duotone Customs are a hand-carved arched spruce top with an F-hole over a chambered mahogany body.
  2. I freakin LOVE Jimmy Herring. He came on my radar years ago because I’m an Allman Brothers freak. He was a full member of the ABB for a time when Warren was doing Govt Mule full time and Dickey had been sacked. So the guitar duo at that time was Jimmy and Derek Trucks. There are some AMAZING recordings from that time period. For some “purists” he took some of the repertoire a little too far out for them, but I always thought he’s consistently sounded really creative and super musical, ymmv. There’s a famous anecdote about an ABB show where they ended a set with “Les Brers in A minor” (a long instrumental from Eat a Peach) and Jimmy and Derek took it to outer space and back. When they came off stage Gregg reportedly stormed into the dressing room and demanded, “Who’s the God Damn Phish fan??” Hahaha Years ago Jimmy and Oteil came and did an unbelievable one day master class when I was still teaching at the NGW. I still refer to some of those handouts to this day for students and definitely myself. He has an unbelievable vocabulary, but also some really cool ways of looking at harmonizing scales , and superimposing stuff. And even the way he deals with sequences in very mundane vocabulary (pentatonics and diatonic modes) is really creative and refreshing. We took many cigarette breaks together and he was just the nicest, most down to earth guy, who wanted to talk about fishing more than music. That just tore it for me. He’s too good, and also too nice. I’m convinced he’s a serial killer.
  3. This is Amazing. I have never heard of this band and don’t listen to heavy music anymore, but I’m a Big F’n nerd about the Simpsons. For the Simpsons novices, this song is based on the episode where Ned accompanies Homer to Las Vegas and in an effort to loosen up Ned has a white wine spritzer and it leads to a blackout where they both marry LV hoochies, hilarity ensues.
  4. Most venues I play have stands provided, but if not, the Ultimate GS-50 is a perfect compact stand for all Hamer semihollow and solid guitars, (it’s a foldable tripod that fits in the pocket of a gig bag- took one up and down the east coast, and back and forth across the country this summer- still kicking after more than ten years of service), and the GS-100 is great for Standards and Vectors, acoustics too. None of the gross Hercules stickiness, both very compact, sturdy and reliable. ETA- the GS-50 seems to be discontinued (of course) but can be had on eBay for less than 20 bucks. The GS-100 and 200 are available brand new for about $30.
  5. Awesome Gig Anecdote: The gig last night was an Irish wedding in New Rochelle NY (New Roc City). The McLean Avenue Band is a internationally touring Irish band based in NY that I’ve worked with for a few years, they rotate All-Ireland champion players and mix Traditional Irish and Rock/Pop. I play electric guitar for the R/P stuff, and banjo for the Trad jigs and reels. As part of the show for weddings and such we do The siege of Ennis, which is a structured dance of four facing four; essentially line dancing to Traditional jigs. It’s a lot of fun, and well known to ex pats and Narrowbacks. And if you’ve never been to an Irish wedding, you might not know there is a fair amount of drinking involved... In any case, while we’re playing this very number, and the dance floor is crowded with people enthusiastically dancing, a woman comes over to me a taps my arm- while playing. I look over and her hair looks like she just went three rounds in a broom closet with Sonny Corlione, and she says loudly in my ear over the music, “Will you boys do ‘Seige of Ennis’?”. I looked at the dance floor and back at her ... and back at the dance floor, and back at her and said, “It’s coming up next”. She smiled brightly and said, “Tanks Love!” and staggered away. Im still laughing 😆😂
  6. You rangggggg? Yes they are amazing guitars and are great for anything that requires a solid live acoustic sound. What else would you like to know?
  7. Playing guitar and banjo with The McLean Avenue Band. Hup!
  8. For solo gigs I use Duotone Customs. Acoustic bridge goes to Boss RC20XL loop station, straight to mixer. Electric pups go Fulldrive2>Ibanez Chorus(faux Leslie)>Tech 20 Flyrig5 version 2> straight to mixer. Mixer is a Mackie 1202VLZ with an alesis microverb in aux 2 fx, aux 1 is a dedicated monitor out, to a JBL Eon10. Main is one QSC K10 on a stand. Sparkling monophonic sound Benefits: super flexible, super easy and fast setup and tear down. You can blend or alternate acoustic and electric while looping acoustic. You have independent monitor control so if the manager tells you to take it down a hair, smile reach over and bring the Main knob to 11 o clock, and your monitor has not changed at all. For more mains, use another K10. Optional additions: For Irish gigs you need some stomp. Best is the PuckN Stompa from Australia. You can run that into the other input on the loop station so it’s included in loops, or a cable straight into the mixer. Depending on the gig I’ll use a TC electronics harmony pedal (sending the acoustic signal into it first, then through to the loop station) on the vocal mic, *essential* that you keep the mix below 40%, but fun and very effective. See what I did there? 😆
  9. Didn’t notice. Who mounts a power supply on TOP?!? (someone please run with this) see see what I did there?
  10. @RobB, just curious about the parallel looper. What pedals are in what loops and how do you like to use it? Is it so you can use multiple modulations (flanger, trem, chorus) without them interacting? Seems very interesting and very different than the true bypass strips.
  11. I’m def not a shredder guy, but that is a sweet ride! Love the purple metal flake 🤘
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