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  1. Hey Man! Good deal on a great player, congrats!
  2. Love it! If he has a green burst four pickup, I’m in! Great score, go git it! 🤘😁
  3. This project has been in the works for years, did it finally get released?
  4. I’ve done 200 nights a year for 19 years, mostly without a tech. As stated earlier, best to always have a hand on it, but... Two guitars cases bike chained through an amp handle has been enough of a deterrent that they’ve never walked off. 🤘😎
  5. Hey Man, The imports do not get a ton of love around here, but there are some gems. Curious about the mention of velcro in the cavity? Post a few pics. You’ll have to downsize photos to post, but you can use cell pics. Welcome 🤘😎
  6. Right On Man! Paying it forward is Good on every level
  7. FWIW, I have a tele and two strats with the 24 3/4 Warmoth conversion necks that I love. They come with infinite possibilities for options of inlay, headstock, etc, I was really happy with how they came out.
  8. Fun! In no particular order: Guns N Roses April 1991 at Madison Square Garden on the Use Your Illusion tour. Soundgarden opened and was basically getting hazed by the GnR team- their sound was not good, and they kept the house lights on for the better part of their set, pretty rough to do to the opener. It was at the time when Axl had thrown temper tantrums and fucked up shows and caused riots, so nobody knew what to expect. Took a long time to build the stage setup with ramps and everything, so the crowd got pretty antsy. They came out and played a totally epic two-hour show that was generally regarded as their best performance on that otherwise ill-fated tour. A great memory. Pink Floyd Spring 1994 at Yankee Stadium. Just freaking unbelievable. Pantera 93 or 94 at Nassau Coliseum on the Far Beyond Driven tour. White Zombie opened up with a short but explosive set. They literally had ginormous skulls, 20 feet high, shooting flames and sparks, and a bizarre break in the set where they played a few minutes of a Japanese film where a woman flies down a hallway with her legs spread shooting sparks out of her vagina...😳 Totally over the top, Spinal Tap stage show for a 40-min set. Then the crew stripped the stage down to a drum riser and a few stacks on either side, totally bare, lean and mean. Pantera with Dimebag came out and it was like a force of nature. The entire crowd stormed the floor and jumped over the barricades, security didn’t even try to stop it, and it was like an indoor riot for two hours. Just amazing.
  9. Love to see Dickey playing the SG. 🤘😎 It became Duane’s signature but was shared, awesome!
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