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  1. Badger- why modulation after delay instead of vice versa?
  2. I’ve been noticing sellers on both Reverb and eBay sending me offers for reduced pricing on almost everything. It’s always been a thing for some sellers in my experience historically, but seems noticeably increased in the last couple weeks. Market trend or Holiday Surge? Hmm. Any deals you noticed and thought were cool?
  3. That is gorgeous! And the perfect year range for necks too! GLWS 🤘😁
  4. Neat! Is the quilter bolted in place, you set the knobs where you like em, and use as a clean pedal platform?
  5. That’s awesome man! After playing in bars and clubs for years, when someone tries to get cute yelling out “Freebird!” in between songs, I like to say, “Hey! The Freebird guy made it. Right On!” Pause for laughter, and then add, “He comes to every one of my shows...” 😆 You're doin a good thing out there. Keep On Rockin in the Free World 🤘😎
  6. Thanks for the report! I am actually laughing out loud at that bass- I have seen pictures of it scrolling on FB and I assumed it was photoshopped 🤣
  7. Oof. That’s what got Zappa. Too bad. DD was awesome in their early days and had some really interesting stuff over the years.
  8. The signed letter from Shatner is actually pretty cool... 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Speaking of early R&R songs about maladies and ailments, I was just thinking about the song “Poison Ivy” randomly, and unintentionally mixing it up it in my memories with “Love Potion #9”, both of which my Father used to sing, haha. Cool chord progressions- Good stuff.
  10. Wait, so he palmed a hundred while you weren’t looking? you didn’t ask him to empty his pockets? I’m totally not suggesting that you antagonize anyone, and I’m sure you were stunned. what state/city are you in? Sorry to hear
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