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  1. Love Steve Earle! His tune Galway Girl has been appropriated by the Irish music scene and is a staple, but I love all of his tunes. He was a surprise guest with one of my favorite bands, Reckless Kelly, sitting in for a few tunes when I saw them last at City Winery here in NY. My favorite was him opening a Tedeschi Trucks Band show at The Beacon theater; my favorite venue in the world, I saw the Allman Brothers a hundred times in their March runs there over the years. TTB started doing a Halloween residency a few years back, but always without an opener. The one time I saw Steve
  2. All of my warmoth necks are 22 frets, with no alterations to the rest of the gtr.
  3. I have several Warmoth conversion necks and they’re awesome. Total drop in replacements. One is on a Gilmour Black Strat, one is on a Red Gilmour with a DG pup set, and one is on a 69 reissue Teale thinline with Joe Barden Danny Gatton pups. They’re all totally bitchin. 🤘
  4. Metallica. The. Black. Album. Previously- The best fucking band in the world at what they did. They developed themselves and brought Thrash to an art form. Cliff died, and they hazed the bass player for And Justice... but still were amazing. The point where I stood all night on a Monday to get the new records at midnight outside a record store (anyone? Haha), raced home to listen to it, songs were crap and there was a quote from “I like to be in America” in Of Wolf and Man... 🤷‍♂️😆😂
  5. Check out Molly Tuttle’s version. She’s amazing!
  6. I know! It’s a game changer for students, being able to slow stuff down and work it up to speed. And not for nothin, but it’s really useful to speed up long slow stuff too- try listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond at 1.5x or 2x! 😆
  7. I’ve played there a bunch of times, when I was touring with Back to the Garden, and with Soulshine. Its a really cool theater, about 400 seats, and a really cool little town to walk around- windy little roads and lots of funky little shops. The venue sounds great, great crew, and great audiences. Looking forward to getting back there 👍
  8. Saw this before, and was struck by the fact that it’s made by a luthier in Oneonta NY, the small town in upstate Ny where I went to college.
  9. Hey Fellas, Looking forward to a rescheduled gig at a theater in PA with a really awesome Allman Brothers Band tribute called Soulshine! Its on April 10th in Jim Thorpe PA. A really great theater where we do the whole Projections etc. The website is https://www.soulshineabb.com/ Heres a link to a show there before: (Black Hearted Woman/You Don’t Love Me/Jessica) And for the curious, the show will be at 50% capacity. They will be selling GA tickets, but seating groups in every other row. 👍
  10. If you’re not a strong improviser, “writing on the fly” will be frustrating. Ive said before that a lot of the frustration comes from wearing too many hats. Spend some time composing your solo for the track. One of the best things you can do is Sing Your Solo. Every solo and player mentioned is an example of a singable musical statement. Right? This helps you make it melodic, forces you to take breaths (pauses- so you’re not just noodling and playing your automatic licks etc), and will give you better ideas about the form and development of the solo as a piece within your piec
  11. The Allman Brothers 50th Anniversary at Madison Square Garden. It was amazing.
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