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  1. I think this one will be great. Awesome!
  2. It's awesome. What an absolutely brilliant bit of art by a modern master of his field.
  3. It has been transformed in a really lovely looking shredder. Stike has really knocked that one out of the park. Bravo!!
  4. Interesting guitars but they’ve never appealed to me the way a Virt does.
  5. Much as I like the look of a Scepter V this one seems to have had an eventful life.
  6. Item condition 8/10... This one seems to pop up every other year. FB's are fabulous but I suspect this one isn't of any value to a player?
  7. I agree. The headstock looks out of place on that guitar. My other thought is why Hamer didn't litter the guitar with boomers as opposed to the "deluxe" 2 boomer + dots?
  8. If it were a more palatable time I'd certainly join in with my Super-C's. I'm 5 hours ahead of most of you guys.
  9. Oh sweet! Not that I play bass but I will watch with admiration and interest never the less. Bass players on here must be getting excited!
  10. Dave at Frets On The Net is awesome. Exemplary customer service.
  11. RIP What a producer. Really got the best out of Maiden in their best years.
  12. Fabulous guitars T62's. Every time I forget about mine for a little while and pick it up I'm instantly reminded how great they are.
  13. DBraz


    Love it. I’m a fan of the Hannes bridge and very nearly spec’d one for my Second Super-C.
  14. It’s all to do with familiarity. With amps and processors it’s soooo easy to fall down the rabbit hole and before you know it your ears are tired.
  15. Awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress pics once it’s underway.
  16. Fabulous! I look forward to the updates.
  17. Wow. Very cool guitar and advertised at a GREAT price.
  18. Matey mine is a RAN. Sadly I know nothing about Rand’s.
  19. Incredible technique. Everything from his circular vibrato through to his weird rising bends. But, these days, I find Vai nigh on unlistenable for anything more than a few minutes despite how clearly amazing he is as a guitarist. Having said that thanks for sharing!
  20. EVH without question. Randy was an outstanding super accurate player but somehow missed the pizzaz you got when Eddie got going.
  21. Allow me to present my second Shishkov Super-C. 24.75” shredding perfection, although it does pretty much everything - shred or not.
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