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  1. Hi Dave, I was looking at some of the pictures of your Virt & I must say, it's absolutely incredible looking!.. that snake skin is Drop Dead Gorgeous!.. if it's not a problem when you get a chance, could you please measure your Virt case & shoot me the measurements?..  "interior or exterior" it doesn't matter... Although I love the Coffin case, I would prefer a traditional Hamer rectangular case & thought about modifying a Hamer Bass case, as the chances of locating a Virt case would probably be a hundred times harder than locating an actual Virt guitar... 

    1. DBraz


      No problem at all. I'll get onto it shortly.  You have a beauty too.

      they really are quite special guitars and I think a lot of love went into building them.  More than even "regular" Hamers.

      if I were you I'd try and track down a case from TKL (I think that's what Hamer used) and spray a gold Hamer on the case.  It would complete it and I certainly don't blame you for wanting to upgrade the coffin!



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