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  1. Thanks for the info. I plan on testing them tomorrow with a multimeter to get specifics readings for each one. I’ll post once I get them.
  2. Yes, I was thrilled when I purchased this to find out that it had the Lollar P90s… They are really gritty and sassy and punchy… The best P90s I’ve ever played.
  3. This is a spin-off from my other thread about my recent acquisition of a Korina Artist. i just now picked up the original Hamer TKL case for the guitar. I ordered it from Guitar Center in Houston, but they must have sent the new kid to pull it off the wall and pack it because they just wrapped it in some bubble wrap (without the case), plunked it in a box and shipped it to Birmingham GTR CTR. Providentially, it arrived in one piece. It took another 10-days to get the case because Houston sent it to some other store in the country. I’m usually a “the glass is half-full” guy, but I have to say that my experiences with Guitar Center over the last few decades have been fraught with consistently bad customer service, almost without exception. At any rate, the original pickups were replaced with Lollars, which are fabulous. These are the originals. Which are in pristine condition, but really have no brand markings. I’ll probably sell them, but would like to positively ID them before I list them. Are they Duncan’s?
  4. FWIW... I understand completely all of you guys who are in favor of leaving the natural wood grain. If the top wood grain was as tight and symmetrical as the back, I would’ve considered it, and also if it had just been clear finished and did not have the yellowy-amber tint added.
  5. Oh yeah! I’m pumped now! Always did love those custom order boomerang inlays...it’s is for posting this!
  6. Spoke with Dan Shinn yesterday, at Lay’s guitar shop, and I have decided to go with the pearl white finish. He said the white colors in urethane are some of the easiest to do and they always turn out beautifully. I’ll be taking it apart and packing it up Sunday evening and will ship out on Monday. He said they had some openings and he would be able to go ahead and get started on it almost immediately, so I will post pictures once she’s back and ready for action.
  7. Don’t have the funds for the labor that would go into such an elaborate concoction, but thanks just the same ?
  8. Maybe waffling a tidge on my color selection (metallic ice blue)...I walked by a pearl white Lexus today as I was heading into the gym and thought, “that would look killer on this guitar with the nickel hardware and black pickups and knobs...” Something like this (without the gold accents, obviously):
  9. Thanks, guys. I knew there would be some who would not be in favor of the refin, I certainly understand that. But since yellow is probably my least favorite color in the entire spectrum, and I really, really like this guitar and don’t plan on ever parting with it, I think the metallic ice blue will do nicely.
  10. Also, I don’t really have any concerns about getting it repainted changing the tone, because Dan Shinn and the boys at Lay’s Guitar have done so many guitars for me, and it has never affected the tone response of any of the instruments in the past.
  11. Actually, I had played one of these in a local shop here in Birmingham about 10 years ago, and I loved it then… But the only reason I didn’t get it was a because I was thoroughly put-off by yellow color of the wood and the clear finish. I’ve vowed that, if I ever had another opportunity, I would snag one and get it painted in a color that I really like. Thus, the rest of the story…
  12. Oh don’t worry, it will be a significant improvement (you know, the whole “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” thing...).
  13. Just acquired this beauty from Guitar Center in Houston. The pickups have been upgraded to Lollar P90’s. I LOVE this guitar! However, not a big fan of the sickly yellow Korina wood color, so I’m going to pack it up this weekend and ship it off to Lay’s Guitar Shop in Akron, Ohio, to get it finished in metallic ice blue (pic below). They have done about 10 guitars for me, and most of their finishes have been better than the original. I’ll post pictures of the completed project once I get it back.
  14. I just got the PRS amber knobs in and installed... I think they look really good on this Aztec gold top!
  15. I decided on these PRS amber knobs… I think they’ll work beautifully on this guitar.
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