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  1. Interesting post. In my Chaparral stable resides both a "plum" Chap Deluxe and an iridescent Chap Elite Sustainiac as posted above. I better check the cases. -Bobby
  2. Did anyone here pick this one up? I spoke to the owner, but dropped the ball. I have a neck that would make it right. -Bobby
  3. "Under Pressure" gets me sometimes. But the my ultimate tear jerker song is "Cats in the Cradle", Harry Chapin. I lost my little brother Brian in July. Was only 42. I can't imagine how my dad feels now if and when he hears this song. -Bobby
  4. I sent the guy an email, but haven't heard back. I suppose he's not interested in sending it to Cleveland. Anybody in the area willing to grab it for me and send it my way? -Bobby
  5. The other cool feature on this particular model is the subtle scallops in the cutaways. I have two of 'em. A black cherry sparkle and a black sparkle with flakes that are more gold than silver. Great score, Bruce. -Bobby
  6. Ventured down to Akron this afternoon after my church gig for a guitar show. Saw someone wearing a Hamer shirt . I walked up and casually asked if he was a member of the HFC. His reply was," yes, I'm DeVai on the board." Turns out we live about 15 mins. from each other. Nice to meet you, Wayne. Of note. A guy had a '90 Chaparral Elite in pink granite. Showed it's age. But not completely abused. He was asking $1500.00. I passed but took his info just in case. -Bobby
  7. Sorry for jumping on... But in response to custom53's post... Apparently this finish is popular in Ohio. Here's mine sans binding. -Bobby
  8. I was also at the Cleveland show Sunday night. I don't care. I am a fanboy. No Ace. No Peter. I know. But they were amazing. The really did it right. -Bobby
  9. I will also be attending the show on Sunday here in Cleveland. I figure I've seen them about 25 times, first being the "Creatures of the Night" tour in '83. - -Bobby
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