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  1. ANYTHING by the following: r.e.m., nirvana, jet, poisin, and jimmy buffet. -Bobby
  2. I missed out on one, west side of Cleveland in the early nineties. Copper finish. I think it was tagged at $650.00. Then there was the one that was somewhere on the internet while many of us were at the '94 HFC open house that was snagged for around $500.00. -Bobby
  3. A home-brewed Axcess. Crude at best. "Not sure if this was factory or not...". Marks for honesty? Not with that statement. -Bobby
  4. "Under Pressure" gets me sometimes. But the my ultimate tear jerker song is "Cats in the Cradle", Harry Chapin. I lost my little brother Brian in July. Was only 42. I can't imagine how my dad feels now if and when he hears this song. -Bobby
  5. Hey Hamerboy. I live in Bainbridge. Do you jam with people anymore.

  6. Hey, Peter. Long time. Hope all is well. We don't often see 12vers of the guitar type around here. Funny how sometimes oddities come in waves. Do you have any hidden jems of this variety that are looking for a new home?


  7. 0.865" @ 12th fret 22 mm 0.8" @ nut 20.3 mm
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