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  1. The other cool feature on this particular model is the subtle scallops in the cutaways. I have two of 'em. A black cherry sparkle and a black sparkle with flakes that are more gold than silver. Great score, Bruce. -Bobby
  2. Ventured down to Akron this afternoon after my church gig for a guitar show. Saw someone wearing a Hamer shirt . I walked up and casually asked if he was a member of the HFC. His reply was," yes, I'm DeVai on the board." Turns out we live about 15 mins. from each other. Nice to meet you, Wayne. Of note. A guy had a '90 Chaparral Elite in pink granite. Showed it's age. But not completely abused. He was asking $1500.00. I passed but took his info just in case. -Bobby
  3. Sorry for jumping on... But in response to custom53's post... Apparently this finish is popular in Ohio. Here's mine sans binding. -Bobby
  4. I have 3 Sterlings. Love 'em. -Bobby
  5. I was also at the Cleveland show Sunday night. I don't care. I am a fanboy. No Ace. No Peter. I know. But they were amazing. The really did it right. -Bobby
  6. I will also be attending the show on Sunday here in Cleveland. I figure I've seen them about 25 times, first being the "Creatures of the Night" tour in '83. - -Bobby
  7. Weird how the cords and cables at the bottom right corner of the t.v. look like Ace's autograph. Just sayin'. -Bobby
  8. Yep. They also did Funk #49. "They" being Kirk and Robert. We all kinda looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Steve, prices were comparable here in Cleveland. We actually sat in the 200 section at Quicken Loans Arena. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I'm glad it was a gift. -Bobby
  9. Not my first Metallica show. But, the last time I saw them was 31 years ago at the Akron Rubber Bowl on the Monsters of Rock tour. I fall into the camp that lost interest when the "Black" album came out. Ticket was a gift. I went with no expectations. Boy, were they impressive. Tight, professional, and sincere. -Bobby
  10. And a reverse image of Verdine White. He aint no southpaw. -Bobby
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