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  1. https://reverb.com/item/7156826-schecter-pt-pete-townshend-1980s-2-tone-burst Not black but super nice...
  2. https://reverb.com/item/3583943-mesa-boogie-express-5-50-plus-2013-black Mesa Express 5:50 PLUS 1 x12 Combo Excellent to Mint condition Footswitch & cover Never gigged. Never left my bedroom. Shipping cost will be adjusted to actual cost after delivery with a refund of the difference.
  3. After doing some research, I realize I may have over estimated the value of this guitar. I have lowered the price accordingly. $1599
  4. One thing I have noticed (especially with Pete Townshend's personal Schecters), is that they did discolor over time. Knowing Pete, he probably left his guitars out in the rain and he certainly never took care of them. The only authentic Pete guitar I ever saw that was in really good condition (finish) was the gold one hanging in the NYC Hard Rock that I shared here earlier in this thread. I have seen many Shecter PTs over the years, and their finish durability was not their greatest feature. Another telltale sign that this is a Dallas guitar would be the 22 fret board. Not sure I have seen any Van Nuys versions with 22....
  5. I assume with a serial # of A 8820 it would be a 1988 model, but I am not positive. The "A" numbers are all over the map. As far a quality goes, this guitar is fantastic. I am not concerned about that at all. I am just really curious to know the real history of this guitar. I have never seen one that has held up so well over the years.
  6. According to a guy who worked for Van Nuys Schecter if there was an off chance that my guitar was made in part in California, there MAY be a date in the heel pocket. I just wonder what year it was made. There are 1982 (or earlier) that had the offset knobs (some even have the pickup toggle in the top bout like a Les Paul), so to say that all Van Nuys PTs had "in-line" controls is not entirely accurate. But one thing that seems like a certainty (at least I haven't found any conflicting evidence yet) is that the Van Nuys neck had the "skunk stripe" mine does not. It has a figured maple neck no skunk stripe.
  7. Interesting conversation... "...Good Morning Chris,I do apologize, but I have no information on that particular guitar. I had started with Schecter in 1976, and Tom Anderson had built all of my guitars during his tenure there.One of the guitars they built for me, was a one-piece flamed top, one piece flamed koa back Tele similar to the one you are showing. Both pickups were tapped, a toggle was in the upper horn as a Les Paul would have the neck was highly flamed, the parts were all gold-plated brass, and it came in a custom Anvil flight case. This was in 1982-3 period. Your guitar appears to possibly be a model built in or around that period of time.I'm sorry I have no more exact info for you.(name redacted) Possibly 82-83... Reasearching other PTs, I have not found a post 1984 that was not a solid finish guitar....
  8. No offense taken guys. No need to apologize at all. I am learning a lot here so I appreciate all of the input.