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  1. These days, I’m really liking my boring ol ‘88 Rat pedal with the volume cranked and the distortion knob set very low. It gooses my old brownface Deluxe and 71 Superlead the right kinda ways.
  2. I don't listen to the radio like I once did, but these songs will cause me to break a finger smashing the radio buttons to get the channel changed in time: Steve Miller: Anything. Everything. His entire catalog. Eff that dude. Foghat's Slow Ride. I get really frothy at the mouth when this comes on a XM Radio station. "We're paying for this shit?!" GnR: Knockin On Heaven's Door. Who thought that sniffin' your rank subjugation business was good anyway? Boop boop beep boop, screw you Axl. FREEBIRD. Just no. Please no. Bad Company falls into the Steve Miller camp
  3. I use it on my JMP for those rarest of times when I need the squeakiest of cleans when recording. I'll leave it plugged into the #2 input on the bright side of my '61 brownface Deluxe all the time to keep from getting a stern warning from my wife about needing to 'keep it down'.
  4. I prefer Brad to Joe. Taking a two year break from playing guitar/music was kinda dumb, but God, I needed a break. Playing along with Van Halen I to get my chops back up is also kind of a reach these days. Much more so than when I was at the top of my game, which wasn't much. Gibson Explorers are shaped wrong. I cracked the back of the headstock of my '62 SG/Les Paul Junior recently, and I really hate myself for not double-checking the latches on the case before I picked up the case, only to watch it skitter across the bedroom floor. Not digging this new Failure album as much as I'd hoped
  5. I wanted to see if I could do this.... This is a list of guitars that I can remember owning. I still have (I think) the ones in bold text. I wonder if I missed any? You'll notice no Fender Strats Guitars I've had pass thru my hands 1989-2000: 197? SG Std 1989 Explorer 1974 Les Paul Special RI SC 1979 Les Paul Custom 1995 Les Paul Special TV DC 1979 SG Std MIM 1994 Tele red MIM 1991 Tele blue w P90 neck, painted copper, converted to Esquire Epi LP Standard Pink Sparkle Flake Squier P bass 1985 Explorer with Kahler 1983 Explorer White 1998 Les Paul DC Standard Tamale Red 24 fret 1992 SG Jr
  6. Dusted off my Korina Vector last night. That is a fine, fine guitar.
  7. Definitely the wrong thought! You certainly need more guitars. Well, thanks to a recent move & a surprise 20lb weight gain, I've only got three pairs of pants in the new house. So it's Guitars 6; pants 3. The upshot: I now have a sweet ass walk in closet that I can put a lot of my shit in.
  8. As I stood in my closet getting dressed this morning, I noticed I have more guitars in the closet than I have pants. I thought to myself, "I need more pants."
  9. Congrats! That's beautiful. You've got something to be very proud of there.
  10. Mitch you really went above & beyond. Just got mine today, arrived on my birthday even. Best B-day present ever. This little sucker even has a mini replica of a functional guitar stand! Mind = blowed. Hats off, good sir. Edit: what I really meant to say was, Thank you!
  11. WOW. That is VERY, VERY cool of you to do. I'm flubbergasted!
  12. I'm such a sucker for 3 humbuckers, that the blue monstrosity above even appeals to me.
  13. Thank you, thank you. I'd like to thank the Academy.... Actually, the satisfaction of knowing that I could manage to go a full year with no new guitar purchases is a prize in itself. I think 1988 was the last year that I was able to do that. Congrats to all the winners! Self restraint is a thang, y'all.
  14. Got a Ditto Looper pedal, and some kind of DJ wikki wikki thing for the iPad. Bro in law surprised the heck out of me with the Hamer book, which is odd as he's not a guitar man at all & I wouldn't think something like that would even be on his radar. I already had my copy, so I lied about not having a copy, omgosh thank you & regifted it to a guitar playing buddy of mine hush hush like. Cuz it's the thought that counts, right?
  15. I'm thinking we kick-start the economy with a 2014 "Buy Guitars" Challenge - see who buys and sells the most guitars for the year. (the buy/sell allows those with the "one in, one out" spousal mandate in place to still be competitive...) That's a good idea for next year's challenge. I won't/can't participate, but I think it's a great idea, nonetheless!
  16. Yeah, DZ's first two records are pretty good spins. I'm starting to miss the 90s too a little bit.
  17. Oh hey! My copy arrived today! What am I doing surfing the web?
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