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    All older hamer shredder guitars. Old Nady Gear. Any Bradshaw systems.

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  1. Rest In Peace, Ray.
  2. Yes the Body is thicker. Like a Les Paul. It has some weight to it...
  3. He just got tired of me bugging him EVERY time we spoke. I wore him down. LOL.
  4. Looks cut in half. Pic was taken in a small hallway and the railing blocking it looks like the floor.
  5. I was told it was a leftover from Steve Stevens after he left that was reworked for Scotti. It’s painted Skid on the back and Row on the front with random thoughts penned all over... at the time Scotti was already playing a old SS guitar.
  6. Yes, it’s a set neck and the paint on the neck was sanded.
  7. It took some time to get these back together. Thanks goes out to Snake Sabo, Scotti Hill of Skid Row. Our own Peter Fung. And Jon Maye I have a few more from SR to dig out.
  8. gatorbyte007

    Eric Otten

    This is Sad News. RIP.
  9. Here is a old photo. Great Guitar it’s a set neck, sustainblock cali. With Boomers and flashing LEDs.
  10. This is a Great Wall Hanger for sure. Great conversation piece. And Jim’s Art work is priceless. If you ever want to pass it on. Just let me know where to send the Cash. Enjoy your new Christmas gift!!!!
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