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    Custom cali, Elite cali's, Setneck Chapp. Sustainiac.

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    All older hamer shredder guitars. Old Nady Gear. Any Bradshaw systems.

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  1. This is sad news for sure. He will definitely be missed around here.
  2. Hey Guys. Anybody Have a flame maple Cali body for sale? Preferably a single humbucker. it doesn’t have to be Hamer made as long as it’s a exact copy. Hit me up.
  3. This is Sad News. RIP.
  4. Wolf. Is living in Nashville. The white "Strat" guitar is actually a Beautiful Chap. I have talked with him a couple of times about it.
  5. 1. Scotti Hill. Firebirds. 2.ZAZA. Spider-Man Cali. 3.Kims. Cali.
  6. What!!!!! Someone actually sold a Used Hamer and made money...
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