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Found 2 results

  1. I'm the original owner of both of these heads. Two great, very original and handwired heads. $925 each shipped and paypalled. Also willing to meet locallyish if you are in or around Texas. East Club 18 is a great EL84 head. VoxyMarshally stuff. Single channel. The head is made of pine and is lightweight. Satellite Niveus is a great sounding and super fun 7 watt head. It can run basically any octal tube. I've mainly used 6v6, 6L6, 5881s and EL34s in it. You can also run any rectifier or solid state rectifier in it... and of course play around with the preamp tube also. You can cover a lot of tonal ground that way. The head was recently retolexed by the great guys at Steamboat Amps in Houston. Looks brand new. I have an empty 2x10 Satellite cabinet that wasn't retolexed that I can sell for $150 locally, or 150 plus shipping. It is sparkly white with a lime green speaker grill. Willing to drive a bit for a localish sale if you live within a few hours of Houston, Tx. Of course that could change with the staying away from each other stuff going on.
  2. Le Prof mentioned these inna HFC Experts thread. http://www.phaezamp.com/ampshop/en/30-in-stock-amps What's the story? Your experience? Recommendations? TIAMFs
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