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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Here fews guitars for sale all mine Locate in Nantes area in west France Adds on reverb or directly to my favorite shop contact Huricane music (John or Pascal +33 2 49 62 10 00 / info@hurricanemusic.fr ) open time - monday 14-19 - tuesday/friday 10-13/14-19:30 - saturday 10-13/14-19 Thanks Jean - louis https://reverb.com/item/10839623-hamer-special-cherry years 1993 with OHHC Bareknukle pig p90 pickups https://reverb.com/item/10839627-jackson-custom-shop-strat-1986-refinish san dimas custom shop 1986 seymour duncan jeff beck or paf no label under Pu, I think that Jeff beck one Kalhers 2300 pro with trem bar and spares strings retainer with hardcase https://reverb.com/item/10839616-peavey-wolfgang-90s-tobacco- http://hurricanemusic.fr/30036-aria-pro-ii-pe-r80.html datas sheets - year 1983 sale w/hc shipping not include http://www.matsumoku.org/models/ariaproii/pe/ptype/r80-60/pe-r80.htm
  2. The gear reduction continues... We have: A '96 Mirage II in tobacco burst- Maple top. It's beautiful and plays as such. Some pretty amazing pizza day prints on the neck joint, and a small amount of pick wear on the top- could be buffed out. $OLD + shipping. Then: A '97 Phantom Custom in Orange, basically excellent condition. It does have Hameritis at the neck joint. Some minor worming on the back (hard to photograph). $OLD+ shipping. Lastly: An '81 Aria Pro II Leopard Les Paul copy with the right headstock and tons of tone/vibe. Includes a Tokai lifton case copy that has the covering coming up in a number of places, it could be reglued back down, if you're crafty. A little fretwear in the first 5 frets, but the action can get really low and not buzz. I think that the fretboard is Brazilian, very dark and tight grain. Some of these were photo flames, and I think this is one- however the top is all maple and the tenon is a longer one. $OLD+ shipping. Let me know or make some offers.
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