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Found 1 result

  1. So my wife wanted to be NOT married - just like that. After ten years together. I was really taken by surprise. She (52 yrs) didn't want anyone else in her life. Just live alone. It was last September. Ok, fine. So I had no say, apparently. But no fighting, we both knew we had grown apart. This was my second marriage. We sold our apartement in Stockholm, Sweden. Made a _very_ small profit. Just enough to pay the taxes, get a 15 year old Volvo, and a downpayment for a very cheap flat. She instantly got a communal flat because she had been in their queue since before we met. I hadn't... So I went to the bank. - Can I borrow some money for a flat. - Yep, approx. usd 70.000. (!) Ok...so no flat in Stockholm!! I had lived in Stockholm for 61 years. So last December I had to move to a small town 1,5 hour drive to the west of Stockholm. Far away from teaching job and my own grown up kids, and the grandkids of course. This town - Koping - is the closest to Stockholm where I could afford to buy a one bedroom apartement. But, it is a nice calm town, that is alive and everyone is surpricingly nice. Has already got a couple of friends, started singing in the church choir (have done that earlier). I like it in Koping. 🙂 Got myself an early retirement. Great solution I thought. Moving away with no rush getting another job. Got time to settle down a bit. To get to know myself (!) again. Bought a used Volvo. Got some nice furniture. Took a trip for a week, on my own, to London, England, just for the fun of it. Nice to get away. Came back to find my bearings. Then just two months ago I asked the local school board if they had use for a teacher with 32 years of experience... Yes they were very happy, and now I'm working half time - morning to lunch. AND am keeping my pension too. So I'm doing fine. That's what's it's all about. Try to feel fine! I'll never give up! Thanks, Curt (Got myself a new Strat the other day, just for the fun of it. I'll post it separately.) ---- "Life is what you make it".. as they sing in that old song (the group Talk Talk).
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