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Found 5 results

  1. After kicking myself for letting go of my erstwhile purple Cali LE, I finally tracked another one down, albeit, not in as good condition. She came in January and shortly after, I sent her out for new stainless Jescar jumbos (the factory frets were BEAT to shit.) and a new Schaller Floyd. Got her back today and she plays fantastically. The OBL's even sound pretty decent thru the Fractal Axe FX 3 system.
  2. Ya know that issue bubs_42 has with certain amps? Yeah well, I got the same problem with flashy Cail's. This thing is in transit as I type. Gon' be some anxious moments between now and when it arrives.
  3. Couldn't resist this. This is, in my microcosm of mediocre guitar abuse, the holy grail of Hamers. Many thanks to sonic1974, who aided and abetted me in acquiring this! The HFC still is THE BEST forum ever.
  4. Just got a photo of Stike's work on my Cali. Two words: Holy. Shit. That is all.
  5. Anymore reverse head stocked Cali Elites/LE's out there? In any condition? I am bound and determined to create my finest FrankenCali yet with all the exact components and features I've yet to put all together. It will be my finest Cali creation! Mwah hah ha ha! Okay, I'm back to normal for the moment. Hit me up. Whatcha got?
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