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Found 4 results

  1. Work in progress. Knob is next... BTW - Gravelin pups kick all sorts of arse (no surprise...)
  2. ...Is NOT like the others. And other insignificant oddities. Decided to commemorate/document the arrival of the O'Connor Cali from Shane's careful ministrations with a family portrait of the recent Cali arrivals. Those who know me on here and could give a shit about superfluous abnormalities will notice why these stand out. Shane did a kickass job of gussying up the marvelous, marble, maple O'Connor Cali. It'd be an understatement to say the neck and board were badly in need of Shane's help. But he sorted it out and added on some gleaming, stainless Jescar jumbo frets. Mmm. Naturall
  3. Just got a photo of Stike's work on my Cali. Two words: Holy. Shit. That is all.
  4. Anymore reverse head stocked Cali Elites/LE's out there? In any condition? I am bound and determined to create my finest FrankenCali yet with all the exact components and features I've yet to put all together. It will be my finest Cali creation! Mwah hah ha ha! Okay, I'm back to normal for the moment. Hit me up. Whatcha got?
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