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Found 8 results

  1. More to go! First an Ibanez AM100, the precursor to Gibson's small semi (339, etc). Good condition, dings here and there, non original SKB oversized case. $750 plus shipping. Second, a Hamer Vanguard/Artist P90 Semi. Great condition with the exception of the cymbal/soldering iron rash on the head stock. Not sure what happened, it was before my time. Also, finish cracks at the nut. Includes a great TKL hard case with silk shield. Beautiful playing and tone. $700 plus shipping. Third, a Studio archtop with tonepros wraptail. Locking Schallers. Beautiful flame top, The only issue is a ding on the fretboard that was filled with cyanoacrylate & rosewood dust. It rings like a bell. Still don't want to sell. Includes an import Hamer case. $OLD plus shipping. Fourth, a Gibson LP DC Goldtop. Definitely players condition, crazing on the finish, dings here and there. Frets are in surprisingly good condition. Includes Gibson case with silk shield. $OLD plus shipping. PP plus shipping, F&F. US only, sorry to our international friends. Damn the CITES!!! Here are the CL links with full pics: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6725375585.html https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6725378550.html https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6698070850.html https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/6725376673.html
  2. Or am I drunker than I should be? https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/gibson-drops-new-guitars-ceo-amid-financial-mess-719342/
  3. All prices are PayPal Friends & Family and include shipping. I've provided photos of used/open pickups. Pickups listed as new appear as new, so in the interest of bandwidth and brevity I'll just say they look exactly like you would expect if you got them from the manufacturer. As new, in factory packaging: Dimarzio P90 Super Distortion DP209, black - $45 Rio Grande BabyBucker, zebra - $55 Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy for Tele (bridge), black - $55 Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker (neck), black - $65 Rio Grande Halfbreed for Tele (neck), black - $50
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-20/gibson-beloved-guitar-maker-faces-crushing-560-million-debt I continue to be impressed by how well the LP's hold up in value (at least offering prices), but I wonder if quality will go down as the company struggles financially. I still maintain that my Monaco Pro Elite's feel and play MUCH better (TO ME) than my original 1983 Goldtop LP. I will never sell the 83 LP for sentimental reasons, but I really don't enjoy playing that guitar as much as I enjoy my Hamers...
  5. FOR SALE: Vintage 1966 Gibson ES335 TDC Guitar - PRICE DROP!! Excellent condition for a 51 year-old guitar. This is a players guitar, not all original. But, it’s an wonderful instrument. I’ve owned it for 32 years. Meticulously maintained and updated to be in superb playing condition. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. Frets were replaced with same size as original and Plek’d by Joe Glaser in Nashville about 3 years ago. (If you don’t know Joe, Google him, he’s the best of the best) The action is low, neck is straight, a tiny, tiny bit of playwear on the frets, but not much. The pickups are original, but the pots, wiring and jack are replaced, toggle switch is original. Bridge is replaced with a TonePros locking bridge, but, I actually still have the original bridge with nylon saddles in the case. A Bigsby and Stoptail studs were added. So, you can replace the Bigsby if you want to put a Stoptail on it. (Sorry, the original trapeze tailpiece didn’t come with it back when I got it). Tuners are original and still work fine. Neck dimensions are .810 at 1st to .951 at 12th fret. 1-9/16 nut width. Kind of bigger than a Slim 60’s but a little less than a ’59 carve. It was marked on the headstock as a factory 2nd. There is plenty of normal, honest playwear, weather checking, buckle wear from years of playing, but no serious damage, cracks or repairs. Even though I’ve played her a lot, its been taken great care of. I’ve posted lots of pics, if you want any specific pics, just let me know and I can send you them. Comes with its original hardshell case which is in fair shape with lots of mojo for sure. (Latches still work and has the original owners name painted on it (Michael Saucédo - I heard he was a blues player in the Midwest, long ago.) Please message me with any questions. $4,600. FIRM for now. Shipping/PayPal included (A PPG gift would be nice if you know me) Sorry, no trades on this one. Thx! Ernie
  6. I stopped in to my local music store today to kill time while the car was getting new tires. They're a small store and usually just have a few Ibanez and Yamaha electrics. Today they had a couple of Gibsons, which I assume are used or on consignment. There was a Les Paul DC hanging on the wall, which caught my eye because it looks a lot like my Slammer Series Sunburst... double-cut, two humbuckers, flame maple top, wine red finish. Practically the same, right? But the more I looked at it, the more I realized the DC is just plain weird-lookin'. The bass-side cutaway looks like a puzzle piece without it's mate. I don't understand how the company that gave us TWO classic shapes: the Les Paul and the LP Junior (double-cut) could get the Les Paul DC so wrong. It looks like somebody sketched out a rough freehand on a Friday afternoon, intending to do a better job on MOnday morning, but found the patterns and CNC guys had just grabbed his rough draft and ran with it. OTOH, I think my lowly MIK Sunburst (and all Sunbursts, for that matter) is a think of beauty.
  7. Everything is pretty much brand new. I bought these things and they never got used. They're mint or near mint unless stated (i.e. the Strat). More pics can be provided upon request. Offers entertained, but no trades please. 1. 2005 Fender USA Deluxe Ash Strat. Gorgeous ash body in cherry sunburst. It plays great and feels so broken into. There are some cosmetic dings and paint chips, and frets show light to moderate amount of wear on cowboy chord areas. They still have a ton of life left on them and you won't need to replace them any time soon. $850US shipped in North America. 4. Lace Dually, Gold/Gold. $80US shipped N.A. EB061787 by David Chau, on Flickr EB061793 by David Chau, on Flickr EB061791 by David Chau, on Flickr EA201756 by David Chau, on Flickr EA201757 by David Chau, on Flickr
  8. Time for some house cleaning. All prices include shipping. Would prefer to use some form of payment that doesn’t charge fees, but If you’d like to pay using PP we can adjust accordingly. All include OHSC unless stated otherwise. Additional photos on request. 2010 PRS 25th Anniversary Mira 245 Soapbar w/Wolfetone Mean/Meaner. Regular/Standard neck profile. Condition is 9.5/10. Asking $1100 1996 Hamer Daytona. Dimario Area pickups installed in non-factory guard w/ master volume, master tone. Original guard, pickups, and electronics included. Condition is 9.5/10. Asking $800 2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic. 60s neck profile. Condition is 9/10. Asking $1450 2009 EBMM 25th Anniversary. Medium C neck profile. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1250 2003 P90 Special. SOLD 2011 Larrivee Bakersfield. Med to full C neck profile (modeled after early 50s blackguard), 1.75” nut. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1250 2010 Larrivee RS-2. 25.5” scale. Very lightweight. One of the early runs with Larrivee Gen-3 humbuckers. Condition 9/10. Asking $675 1995 Hamer Eclipse 12. Finish has lifted from high-E side of the fretboard over the entire length, and has chipped away completely for the first four frets. It’s happened in one or two small areas on the low-E side as well. The only time I notice it while playing is where it’s completely chipped away along the first four frets, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Numerous impressions/dings here and there. One small paint chip on the back of the neck at the 9th fret where wood is exposed (size of a match head). Ships in Hamer branded era appropriate HSC that was purchased separately. Condition a very conservative 6.5/10. Asking $650 1999 Hamer Newport. Phat Cats swapped out for TV Jones Classic Plus (Br) and TV Jones MagnaTron (N). Bigsby front roller and main string shaft were swapped for Callaham replacement parts. Tonepros bridge was swapped for Babicz Full Contact Hardware tune-a-matic replacement. Condition 8.5/10. Original pickups, bridge, and Bigsby parts are included. No longer for sale. Hamer import Jazzbox w/Bigsby. Very cool and inexpensive for what it is, but it’s simply just too big a guitar for me to handle comfortably. Condition 9.5/10. SOLD 2009 Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster. 22 Fret, modern C neck profile, A.Ybarra ’69 CS pickups. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1700 2011 Gibson Custom ES-339. 30/60 neck profile. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $2600