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Found 19 results

  1. Hey Guys, Here's me 2005 Newport Pro Custom. Ruby Red, Spruce top, Mahogany body and neck, Ebony fret board, Hamer Vintage-Carve profile neck, Victory inlays, Grover Imperial tuners, Harp-style Trapeze tailpiece, original Seth Lovers and all original stock electronics. This guitar is one of my favorite of Newports. It's spruce top and trapeze tailpiece resonate very loudly, and is just dripping with tone. AMAZING ACOUSTIC VOICE ...(JUST for you buddy- @kizanski). Frets are in good shape, minimal wear. Guitar is MINT. Gold hardware all in great shape. Just a stunning sounding and playing guitar. Comes with COA and OHSC. $SOLD PayPal'd & Shipped to supporting HFC Members No LBL's! Original Stock Photos of this guitar taken by WIllcutt's: ....and, a couple of my stock photos lol:
  2. I bought a case off Ebay and I guess it was for a shorter "strat/tele" than the Daytona as the Daytona was too long and I had to ship it back 😟. I figured that a "strat" case would fit. I was wondering if anybody here has a vintage style GnG Fender case with a Daytona in it or are the Daytona's too long?? Thanks
  3. Selling another USA Hamer Standard Custom in Black Transparent. This was a custom order by Willcutt's Guitars. This is 1 of 5 made and the only one in black transparent. I am the second owner. Black transparent finish on a wide flame maple top, chambered body. Weighs 8 lbs., 5.2 ounces. 10 partial Victory inlays on an ebony fretboard. Bound headstock and inlaid logo. '59 style neck profile: 1st fret - .854", 12th fret - .906" Three Lollar Firebird Pickups with factory custom wiring. It has a master volume, middle pickup volume and a ToneStyler tone pot. The middle pickup is wired to the middle knob and can be added in or turned completely off to allow 6 different pickup combinations. The ToneStyler is a 16-position Tone/EQ control. Chrome hardware, with factory TonePros locking bridge, tailpiece and Schaller Tuners. It has a few small impressions on the bottom lower left horn as pictured. These are very hard to photograph. Nothing breaking the finish, just impressions. Otherwise great condition. COA and original hardshell case included. SOLD to a HFC’er!
  4. Sold on Reverb.
  5. So I have a 1990s Korean Hamer Standard. I’m wanting to upgrade the bridge pickup. It has the stock Duncan Designed, they seam a little to bright and thin for me. I’m looking for a more thicker sound. I play in a cover band so I’m looking for something versatile. I have a 70s reissue LP with the dirty fingers and I love the sound it makes I’d like to get close to that sound. Is there certain pickups that you guys reccomend for these guitars that can get me the results I’m looking for?
  6. Sold on Reverb.
  7. So I have a 1990s Korean Hamer Standard. I’m wanting to upgrade the bridge pickup. It has the stock Duncan Designed, they seam a little to bright and thin for me. I’m looking for a more thicker sound. I play in a cover band so I’m looking for something versatile. I have a 70s reissue LP with the dirty fingers and I love the sound it makes I’d like to get close to that sound. Is there certain pickups that you guys reccomend for these guitars that can get me the results I’m looking for?
  8. My B8S is lonely and would like a companion 4 string. I'd love to find a B4M. I know that's a tough find because there were only a handful made. A B4S would find a happy and welcoming home as well. All my basses get played, so life as a played and beloved instrument would go on. Thanks for looking.
  9. I really want Hamer fans to own these guitars, so that is why I am listing them for sale on the HFC first. I've had both of these guitars for ~10 years and want them going to a loving home $OLD!!! 1981 Hamer Vector - $750 shipped/paypal in the US This is a light and resonant guitar (add weight here) that has had a headstock repair at some point in it's life. The repair has been stable and not caused me any problems over the years I have owned it. There is a plethora of dings, scrapes, scratches and wear - somebody rocked this guitar hard in it's life before me I reckon. There is an extra strap button hole inside the upper V leg. It's also had the bridge pickup replaced with a Seymour Duncan JB. I'm not sure if the neck pickup is original or not, but I can take a look/picture if you want. The checkerboard Vector logo is very cool and so is the sustain block bridge. The neck profile is slim and the fret wire is small compared to your typical, more recent modern guitar. The case has been a road warrior as well but all the latches are functioning and I added a couple of stickers to the more vintage ones on there. Here's a link to some pictures, which are much warmer in color saturation than I prefer, but I can add some iPhone pix of any details you want, just PM me with any questions/requests. 1981 Hamer Vector Pictures AVOIDING REGRET AND KEEPING IT! 1996 Hamer Archtop P90 - $1150 shipped/paypal in US Goldtop! This is the guitar in my profile picture and came to me practically unplayed (unlike the Vector above) ~10 years ago. The guitar looks, plays and feels wonderful (add weight here) with a medium profile neck. The binding and crown inlays are fantastic. I didn't connect with the Seymour Duncan P90's so a few years ago I had Lollar P90's installed. The result was the guitar became more alive and responsive, more clarity even with high gain. Also the Lollar cream covers match the binding fairly well. The original SD pickups will be included. When the original nut needed replaced because the G string depth was too deep, I had a bone nut installed. There is one minor finish ding that is highlighted in the pictures, otherwise there are just light swirls in the clear finish from normal playing and wear. I'm not sure if the case is original or not - I've seen some branded with Hamer and others not. Here's a link to some pictures, which are much warmer in color saturation than I prefer, but I can add some iPhone pix of any details you want, just PM me with any questions/requests. 1996 Hamer Archtop P90 pictures Thanks for looking everyone! Please PM with any questions.
  10. Dear, Somebody offered me this guitar, I have no details, but see the toplock is missing. Who can give me more info and the price range that is fair for this guitar, I may be interested here... Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok so here I have a guitar. Markings up top are Hamer, made in USA and serial number on the back. I’m looking for year/ and model of guitar also a round about Value because I do want to sell this item. Possibly a t-51 pics are on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011298311000
  12. I stopped in to my local music store today to kill time while the car was getting new tires. They're a small store and usually just have a few Ibanez and Yamaha electrics. Today they had a couple of Gibsons, which I assume are used or on consignment. There was a Les Paul DC hanging on the wall, which caught my eye because it looks a lot like my Slammer Series Sunburst... double-cut, two humbuckers, flame maple top, wine red finish. Practically the same, right? But the more I looked at it, the more I realized the DC is just plain weird-lookin'. The bass-side cutaway looks like a puzzle piece without it's mate. I don't understand how the company that gave us TWO classic shapes: the Les Paul and the LP Junior (double-cut) could get the Les Paul DC so wrong. It looks like somebody sketched out a rough freehand on a Friday afternoon, intending to do a better job on MOnday morning, but found the patterns and CNC guys had just grabbed his rough draft and ran with it. OTOH, I think my lowly MIK Sunburst (and all Sunbursts, for that matter) is a think of beauty.
  13. Hey guys!! Got this early Sunburst. Seller disclosed body was busted/repaired, due to jealous girlfriend but NO break to the neck. I got it and can see the heel was also repaired, thus broken along with body. Section of binding in the area replaced (incorrect material), one non-original tuner, and though repair respray finish was pretty good, they used BROWN, instead of the proper red in the burst. Why?!!!! None of these were disclosed. I should also mention the neck angle now, isn’t what it should be, which I believe is due to the repair taking a way a bit of original back angle. Upper frets will also need leveling. Saddles can’t go any lower and action is just ok. Ideally, I’d like it a bit lower. He admits he doesn’t know much and wants to make good. I’d like to keep the guitar, but feel it should be valued less due to the mentioned items. He asked what I think is fair. Cost was close to $1500. What do you all think would be a fair partial refund amount? I’ve an amount in my head, but wonder if too low? Let me know what you’d ask. Thanks! p.s. will try to include photos
  14. All, My band-mates and I put together a Christmas vid, and I figured I would share it with you all https://youtu.be/M5T2zmOArtg This is the 1980 Special that I had Stike refinish...loaded with some amazing Gravelin pups! No pedals, just that sweet machine plugged into my DrZ Mini-Z (w/ 10" Greenback)... Hope you all enjoy! Thanks again to everyone that helped make that project turn out as well as it did...from parts, to case, to suggestions...you guys rule! Merry Christmas! Jer (BlueJer)
  15. Time for some house cleaning. All prices include shipping. Would prefer to use some form of payment that doesn’t charge fees, but If you’d like to pay using PP we can adjust accordingly. All include OHSC unless stated otherwise. Additional photos on request. 2010 PRS 25th Anniversary Mira 245 Soapbar w/Wolfetone Mean/Meaner. Regular/Standard neck profile. Condition is 9.5/10. Asking $1100 1996 Hamer Daytona. Dimario Area pickups installed in non-factory guard w/ master volume, master tone. Original guard, pickups, and electronics included. Condition is 9.5/10. Asking $800 2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic. 60s neck profile. Condition is 9/10. Asking $1450 2009 EBMM 25th Anniversary. Medium C neck profile. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1250 2003 P90 Special. SOLD 2011 Larrivee Bakersfield. Med to full C neck profile (modeled after early 50s blackguard), 1.75” nut. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1250 2010 Larrivee RS-2. 25.5” scale. Very lightweight. One of the early runs with Larrivee Gen-3 humbuckers. Condition 9/10. Asking $675 1995 Hamer Eclipse 12. Finish has lifted from high-E side of the fretboard over the entire length, and has chipped away completely for the first four frets. It’s happened in one or two small areas on the low-E side as well. The only time I notice it while playing is where it’s completely chipped away along the first four frets, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Numerous impressions/dings here and there. One small paint chip on the back of the neck at the 9th fret where wood is exposed (size of a match head). Ships in Hamer branded era appropriate HSC that was purchased separately. Condition a very conservative 6.5/10. Asking $650 1999 Hamer Newport. Phat Cats swapped out for TV Jones Classic Plus (Br) and TV Jones MagnaTron (N). Bigsby front roller and main string shaft were swapped for Callaham replacement parts. Tonepros bridge was swapped for Babicz Full Contact Hardware tune-a-matic replacement. Condition 8.5/10. Original pickups, bridge, and Bigsby parts are included. No longer for sale. Hamer import Jazzbox w/Bigsby. Very cool and inexpensive for what it is, but it’s simply just too big a guitar for me to handle comfortably. Condition 9.5/10. SOLD 2009 Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster. 22 Fret, modern C neck profile, A.Ybarra ’69 CS pickups. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1700 2011 Gibson Custom ES-339. 30/60 neck profile. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $2600
  16. Bum bucker . BTW thats going to be my signature pickup from now on - mine! No affiliation with the listing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-Virtuoso-/261516527339?pt=Guitar&hash=item3ce39986eb Bennys Bumbucker. Got lots of bottom end.
  17. Looking for a hamer artist custom over here. No offense, but not a green one. obv pre 2008 as well. open to paying cash or trade or a combination of the two.
  18. FS: Hamer Jazz Box guitar with original Bigsby tremolo. Near-mint condition. Incredible flamey sides and back. I’d give it a 9.8, not really any dings or marks at all on it. (You can see the 3 small screw holes on the bottom edge, where the old tailpiece was mounted.) Plays really nice with low action and huge tone plugged and un-plugged. Perfect axe to live out your Pat Methany fantasies! 100% original except for added Bigsby (I don't have the old tailpiece). I'm just not playing it much in my non-smoking home. Comes with a really nice, TKL hard-shell case too. Yes, it's an import model, but, it's a killer sounding/playing Jazz Box no less. SOLD!
  19. So, as long as I am on a roll, why not post these here before elsewhere? So, here is a TENTATIVE, as something is in play. Situation.......The Tigers Eye is pretty much the fully tricked out "NAMM" sorta thing. The sunburst has been upgraded to Lollar Imperials.....I like the sound of those in this guitar better than the stock. The former was way over the top, cost wise. Having paid up for bling, I might as well keep it. Before the end of the week I will probably have decided to swap pups and sell the sunburst (returned to stock). That being the case, I am thinking $1800 net would be right in there, market-wise. Turner Model One. SOLD........Yep, get your L Buckingham on. This is the chambered version, pretty much fully tricked out with the usual rotating pup, piezo, blend, built-in 18 volt "boost/active tone" circuit, as well as coil split and wood upgrades. I do have two friends that have been interested for a while, but time passes and neither has sealed the deal. Netting $3200 seems in the ballpark, given the market (small as it might be). See: http://store.heartbreakerguitars.com/Rick-Turner-_c_13.html G&L Legacy Swamp ash, pretty much exactly what I think a "Strat" should be. But such guitars never quite "do it" for me. Maybe I should just buckle down and LEARN how to play one. Novel concept, that. Has a heavy duty gig bag, no HSC. I would like to think $750 net is not out of line. G&L Comanche Speaking of "Strats" not doing it for me. Bought this one new. It was going to be "the one". List, IIRC, was $3500 or thereabouts. Will get my butt handed to me here. Asking $1250 net. Feel free to ask about anything I have posted. And, yes, I DO know I could stand an intervention. But I have a wife that is a saint (as long as I keep the excess from spilling out into HER areas).