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Found 4 results

  1. Well, the herd is not as thick as it once was. But it is still far from starving. Seems like there has been increased interest lately in P-90 guitars, especially Juniors and Specials. So, let me throw these out there.....Here are a couple that you may have never seen. At the very least, they are not seen often. First, one key point. Both are built off of the Dolphin platform, so they are a 25.5" scale. Not quite your basic Gibson clone.....Second, they each have a tone pot that pushes or pulls to change the tone a bit......Call it a coil tap, I guess. Both are exactly the way I received them and, in fact, still have plastic on the pickguards. The Junior has a nicely figured mahogany body and a Brazilian board over mahogany. The dog ear pickup is hotter and more raw. One explanation is that less wood is removed. To my ear, it is similar in tone to the hot humbucker used in the bridge of the Krautster II, but "less civilized". (Note the KII has a shorter scale and a maple neck). I would call the neck more on the fat side. The weight looks to be just a touch above 6 1/2 pounds. With black (rectangular) hardshell case. I am not sure how well pictures will show it, but there is some irregularity on the finish of the BACK. Nothing loose or damaged, but it does look like the finish has "sunken" into the wood a bit. I have seen this before on a few other Hubers from around that era ( this is a 2009). Note that I do NOT have the COA, having bought this used. Somewhere along the line, I did have a downloaded picture of the original dealer's post that indicated it to be Brazilian. I will have to see if I can locate that. The other one is the Special with korina body and neck, Brazilian board. On this one, which I bought new, I DO have the COA . The sound is more "refined". It has a neck just a bit fatter than the Junior (I love it!) It is 1 pound heavier, at 7 1/2 pounds. Original tweed (rectangular) case. The only issue I will mention is that there is some noise on the volume knob. Seems to work fine, but probably needs a squirt of cleaner. I had not seriously considered selling either, but I am still trying to force myself to have less "stuff". And I DO hope to have something extraordinary in coming months, so.... I am not quite sure how to put a price on these, as there seem so few in existence. There is a Special posted on Reverb (mislabeled BTW) "marked down" to $3600. NOT korina! The last Huber Junior I saw posted, some years ago, was new and priced at $3999 IIRC. So, let me throw this put.......$2600 for the Junior, $3100 for the Special. Those prices including shipping (CONUS only). Add payment fees, if required. Special sold, Junior price reduced 9/17/18.
  2. Jack C

    New Guitar

    1963 SG Junior. It is a refin and has some other issues that made it affordable. I love this thing. The perfect guitar for me. Plays and sounds fantastic. I can’t keep my hands off it. I love the Junior and the SG Classic so much that I was willing to let Rockola Steve talk me into selling him Greatest Hamer Ever. I expect him to post shortly...
  3. Further reduction - now £1200 Reduced to £1400. For sale, my USA Hamer Korina Junior. In great condition, some light pick marks on scratch plate and that's about it. Any UK HFC members interested? Looking for around £1600. Has some nice upgrades: TonePros vintage steel locking studs, Pigtail wrap-around intonatable tailpiece, Bare Knuckle Nantucket 90 pickup (original Seymour Duncan P90 will be included). The Nantucket 90 give a really great vintage sound. Would prefer collection but will discuss shipping if necessary.
  4. No affils, I'm 15,000 miles away, or else I'd buy it. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/msg/d/hamer-korina-special-jr/6459885398.html