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Found 1 result

  1. It seems I have cleared out quite a few of the guitars I posted since the beginning of 2019. Let me try a couple more. First, a 2010 Huber Orca. I guess it is no secret I am a big fan of Nik's work. I only wish I could keep them all. But I am not getting any younger..... Here is my sales pitch..... This is a 2010 Orca in the harder to find combination of a korina body and neck, with Indian Rosewood fingerboard and Orca inlays. The pickup configuration is a Haussell Vintage in the neck and 1959 in the bridge. They are "PAF" style pickups (among the best, IMO) with the bridge being a bit hotter. But both are still very much in the "vintage" realm. The Orca clearly takes on the classic Les Paul formula. However, there are a couple changes....The scale is 25" and the body is slightly slimmer, resulting in a very comfortable weight of just over 8 pounds. It includes a hardshell case that is a replica of the type/look used by Gibson back in the 50s. Very classy, IMO. Nik is at the top echelon of guitar builders today. Operating in Germany, he uses top quality materials and his work is flawless. Very few builders perform at his level. (With the recent receipt of the Shishkov DC custom, I will gladly affirm at least one other!) Nik's guitars play and sound as good as they look. This particular guitar has the "sweeter" response that korina provides relative to the more typical mahogany. Although the two woods are similar, the korina (to my ears) provides a bit better tone in the mid-range. Note that there is a push/pull tone knob that splits both coils to create a very nice set of single coil tone options. Here is a direct quote from Nik's website..... A legend in and of itself, the Orca looks familiar to guitar players around the world by virtue of its shape. Paying tribute to the first solid body of this kind, the Orca brings a new twist to the traditional form with a slightly thinner body and a longer scale. The classic combination of tonewoods and traditional method of construction make this guitar spring to life out of the fascinating merger between vintage values and modern-day quality. Let me toss this out at an asking price of $3850, that including shipping and insurance (CONUS only, sorry). I dare say there are not going to be many, if ever any, in this price range for something in this shape. Please add payment fees, if necessary.
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