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Found 2 results

  1. Fulltone Supa Trem Jr: Condition: New I bought it new, it just came in, and I'm just not digging it. Sounds great, but i'm a set it and forget it, I don't need the tap temp, and the intensity knob is internal. If you turn the trem down the volume is the Booster in the the FB3. $100. Shipping and Paypal Included.
  2. All prices include Shipping and PayPal. 1. Dimarzio Area T Set: Hot Area T and Area T Neck, don't ask me how I ended up with an extra set, but I did. LOL $100 Shipped. 2. Dimarzio Pre B-1: NOS, I was the first to open it, comes with all the candy even the little Tin Dimarzio Sticker. I never installed it. $35. 3. T Rex Room Mate JR: Best Reverb Pedal out there IMHO. Through it in the FX Loop and not only does it add reverb, but has the little extra sauce along with it. I was running it in my SD30, but bought a little carry and go amp with reverb. SOLD 4.T Rex Fuel Tank: Juicy Lucy 15V, most every major brand can handle 15V so it is pedal safe for most pedals. I was using it to power my T Rex Delay and Reverb, before going with a T Rex Jr. Fuel Tank to squeeze everything onto a tiny little board. $40. comes with 5 power cables 5. Way Huge Camel Toe: I'm just to in love with my Saucy Box and this one gets no love. It comes with the box, but no box candy. $130.
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