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  1. So last week I'm surfing on the wifes Facebook page and a "you might be interested in" came up The FIXX has new album out and they are touring. It has been some 40 years ago since I last saw The FIXX. I have seen them a couple of times - once at 98 KZEW "The Home of Rock and Roll" ZOOWORLD which also had Jon Butcher playing at (I think) The Dallas Convention Center for free. Not a band I would listen too everyday but one that has been in and out of rotation over the past several decades. At any rate, they were coming to Dallas at the Granada Theater that week less than five days, this past Friday night. Tickets were almost sold out and it was a smaller venue. I told the wife we are going, as I would like to see this band again to see how they held up over the past forty years. THE BAND Still the classic line up. Cy Curnin on lead vocals, Jamie West - Oram Guitars, Dan K. Brown bass, Rupert Greenall Keyboards and Adam Woods on drums. The first thing I noticed was how F*&king skinny Cy and Jamie are! They have the "rock star" look my wife said, they were good being hired guns for the original guys....I told her they were the original guys (classic line-up). Granted we were standing up front but they hadn't gained a pound it appeared. Curnin - just an underrated artist. He was entertaining and the drama theatrics were almost over the top. The stage light show was well timed with the songs. His vocals were actually very good all night. He was mic'd a little low at first not sure if it was technical difficultly or a bad mix. West-Oram - This isn't your classic blues /rock band. Lots of compression, delay, reverb, looping and etc....this guy has always tried to keep his sound a "secret". Is he underrated? I don't know, he is definitely good at his craft. There was only a couple of clinkers in the whole set. Very strong stage presence. Dan K. Brown - Isn't a flashy bassist. He is there to put out the bottom line and keep it that way. There is one song where he was playing harmonics over and over in the opening riff then went into this elongated riff that was all over the place. I was so busy watching his performance that I forgot to not the song. Usually his fingers don't move below the 7th fret. Excellent job. Rupert Greenall - is a techno, pop, art band so a good keyboardist is well um..."key" . Adam Woods - Good timekeeping nothing flashy like Brown keeping the rhythm going. SET LIST *A Life Survived *Closer Driven Out Chase the Fire How Much is Enough? *Take What You Want Less Cities, More Moving People *Cold Beautiful Friction Are We Ourselves Deeper and Deeper *Wake Up One Thing Leads to Another Stand or Fall Red Skies ENCORES *Lonely as a Lighthouse Saved By Zero Secret Seperation There new album is *"Every Five Seconds". Six songs played from the new album which overall sounded very much like classic THE FIXX. I was over all impressed withe the execution of the set list. Only about two songs to make a beer or cocktail run and even then you could have enjoyed waiting in line listening passively to the tune. The song "Closer" was very good live as well as Driven Out. The writing is still very heavy social and society ills that could or should be resolved. Funny Moment - "One Thing Leads to Another" call and response by the audience at some point the crowd is sing back the title and Cy goes "NO SHIT" which erupted into a multitude of laughter by audience. Stand or Fall still holds up some 40 years later. Red Skies - The entire stage lights were you guessed it in a sea of red. Summary - Curnin is the ever hopeful about humanity and the ability for society to make better decisions. Very much in line with the Police "DRIVEN TO TEARS". Curin still practices some Buddhist principles which has a significant impact his song writing and conscious. He is probably one of the most cerebral song writer of his generation. Lets face it, nothing of the FIXX is related to "A Whole Lotta Rosie." The FIXX sound wise is heavily tchno driven. The band awashes you in a volume of sounds and tones that create a soundscape. To see them on a smaller stage and watch them perform is perfectly fine. I for one would like to see them in a larger full production format with a visual backline. With tickets at $50 a pop, and SRO at $35, I thought they were quite reasonable for the amount of production and entertainment provided. About 1:45 minutes pretty much nonstop. The FIXX play tonight at the HOB in Chicago heading east to finish our their tour in Florida. Hamerica
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