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  1. It seems stupid to even be pondering other stuff that would be "nice to have". In 2021, I still have too much that I am (slowly) moving out. I am sure there must be a guitar or two that would be hard to resist, but I can hardly even think of anything that meets that test lately. I know I have passed on some great ones posted here that I might have jumped on a few years back. Still, the recent thread about the Rivera Stage IV does start one to thinking. OTOH, the likelihood of my needing such a thing either for live playing or in a "studio" seems very remote. I have a good handful of amps that SHOULD find a new home. Still, this one keeps me looking. This head would go great with one of the stereo cabinets I have built. A pair of glorious 20 watt amps in one head, along with a master volume, would be a lot of fun. With the great Swart tube-driven reverb and tremolo. OTOH, my existing Swart SST is the amp I most often go to any more. Spend another $2400 or so? Gear lust never completely dies..... Just idle speculation on a Thursday morning. https://www.humbuckermusic.com/collections/swart-space-tone-stereo-amps/products/swart-stereo-master-20-head
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