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Found 1 result

  1. ArnieZ


    LIke many of us my guitar "collection" is in a state of flux. I have been trying to get rid of what I feel are duplicates and guitars I don't play. My PRS DGT became a lesser duplicate with the addition of my Shishkov and so after simmering for a while I made the decision to move it. Had many trade offers but none that excited me. Had some typical would you sell this for typical much lower price than real value offers. I decided to post it over at the "other" place, TGP, where I got more of the same. Finally added no trades except for Thorn Grantura feeling certain that this would never happen. Remarkably was contacted by a really nice guy who offered his Grantura and of course wanted $ because they are not of equal value. Spoke on the phone a couple times and arranged simultaneous shipping day. He then told me a personal check in the case was 100% ok with him, I was floored! This was almost like dealing with the HFC. Guitar came in described condition and I am impressed. This is a smaller bodied 335 that sounds like a 335 but of course much better quality. Extremely comfortable to play sitting/ standing, hangs perfectly on a strap. Nice big 59 neck profile. Color is not what I would have picked if I was ordering new, but actually prettier than I expected. Reminds me of the Wine red Les Paul deluxe I owned. There has been a lot of hype regarding Thorn guitars but nowhere to play them. I know Pirateflyn has a couple. At any rate this is what I have been looking for some time, a smaller bodied 335 type guitar that evokes my memories of my old 66 335, in an easier for me, package to handle ArnieZ