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Häussel (Huber) pickups

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Just a heads up.

Some may (in fact they have) seen some Häussel pickups for sale on evilBay.

Please write to me ([email protected]) for HFC friendly prices.

Not featured on the 'bay are the new "blade" pickups (à la Barden) - these differ quite substantially from Joe's as they sound warmer / middier than "real" bardens. As someone pointed out, they would probably be ideal on a Mirage.

Still have a couple of "strat" sets and a lone strat bridge.

Talking about singlecoils I also have a BigMag strat bridge (think of a P90 in SC format, appx 12.5K resistance), in white.

"Peter Green" sets are also going to be rolling in shortly; just for info, these were first wound june last year (2005) for a LA pro / HFC member who installed them on his GMP. The newest set went on a Nik Huber Orca (=lester shape) which was recently delivered to another HFC acquaintance (pic below).

Take care and have a great sunday, y'all.

JJ Paul


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