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What else????

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Me likes.

The guy rocks - even though the doesn't shred.

Now - after the Ultimate Ukulele Wailer, The Korean Two Hand Tapper (sorry S. Jordan and Michaelangelo) and assorted preteen sweeperz - can there still be anything Really New??

Has the learning curve progressed beyond exponential? Maybe 6 IS 9, after all...

Jimi...pls help us out :)


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been watching this guy all morning, saw the link @ BaM , there's also a pedal he's working to change the tuning on the slide guitar from a major to minor chord, it's frickin incredible and so muical, this guy is the shit ( I think he gives the reverb unit a salary though LOL )

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now this is funny, a page from his website

"Classical" Shit

I've been creating these orchestral monstrosities since I was a kid. Here's a few of 'em. In recent years I've developed a string sample library & various twisted ways of creating these recordings. I have no formal classical training -Oh the dangers of listening to too much progressive rock.

damn, listen to Something, amazing


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His "instruments" are amazing (Great train wreck) and hilarious at the same time.

quoted from the webpage:

We ran into some serious trouble

Although this instrument sounded & performed brilliantly, we began to receive complaints from environmental groups asserting that "The Great Train Wreak" was having an adverse effect on The Earths electromagnetic field. I was quite skeptical of this until witnessing an entire flock of Canadian Geese crash through the front window of a biker bar we were playing in upstate NY. I started to suspect that magnetite in birds brains could be somehow affected by interference within in the Van Allen Belt directly attributable to the home grown trigger mechanism (patent pending) I felt bad & bowed to the pressure of the protesters. For now the entire system has been temporarily grounded while the safety committee looks into a eco-friendly solution.

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E. The Clutch: Hitting this shifts the D-4 to the next octave up in a continuous loop of 3 octaves.

F. The Brake : Hitting this shuts every thing up. critical in dealing with long, extended samples.

G. More duct tape and wires.


Oh my God, this guy is my hero. I don't even have to hear the music to know it LOL.

He's gotta have some very cool hinges in his arsenal.

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