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Twas an UNBELIEVABLE day for Kilroy.

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Anyone remember this pic from my NAMM thread?


That's the lovely Queen Kristin getting the okay from Kilroy for a rather unusual order. Ya see, I talked this fella into one HELL of a deal! LOL I wanted to get him something special, and the more we talked, the more SPECIAL the order became....

A month ago, something arrived, so I put up a pic...


Well, the boy was busting at the seams, but IT WAS NOT YET TIME TO REVEAL.

I needed to make it all come together.


Here we go.

Imagine a Junior that has no peer. A chambered mapletop Junior, with a few....."enhancements".......


Mr Kilroy, I present to you your Ultimate Quilt topped, bound and crowned over ebony, chambered, fully bound Junior.

Congrats, my friend.

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why yaka kafaka mala !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

very nice burst over a nat back !

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Oh, yeah.......

There's more to this.

Imagine if a Junior were not enough.

Well, it isn't. Kilroy let me talk him into a bit more......


Yup. A matching Standard.

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This little guy wouldn't leave it alone...


Ol Kilroy is gonna crap when he sees this. The Standard is also bound and crowned over ebony, with chambers and full binding.

He never knew what hit him when I started the pitch.

Bless him.

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