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YouTube Gems thread.

BCR Greg

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I'm still fairly young but I had great teachers. Not of guitar of music appreciation, My Sister was the Rocker and my Aunt of the Same age of my Sister was the Hippy. Anyway, one of my favorites to come from my education and I felt that Non of my friends listened to so that made it my own.

Humble Pie

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Sound is out of sync, but if you watch real close, you'll get the idea:

Cedel Davis:

Cedel Davis: "How Much More"


T-Model Ford:

Chickenhead Man

T-Model Ford Interviews:

R. L. Burnside:

Poor Black Mattie


R. L. Burnside & Kenny Brown

Johnny Cash:

Junior Kimbrough:

Sad Days, Lonely Nights

Tom Petty:


The Band:




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H.P. Lange & Kenny Brown:

Skinny Woman:


R. L. Burnside (early):

Poor Boy:

Jumper Hangin' On The Line:

Mississippi Fred McDowell:

Goin' Down To The River:

Mississippi Fred McDowell:

Shaken' Em' On Down:


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