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well considering how fender turned jackson upside down and shook things up taking QC to an all time low..... then to bring grover jackson back for a batch $10K bolt on charvels...

I would think its only a matter of time before we have a teary reunion of paul hamer and jol dantzig.... and the $10K standard ???

at the least, I would honestly have to believe in the next year we will see hamers being built in corona...

and or everyone youve gotten to know at hamer looking for jobs.

interesting to see how this pans out... maybe I should quick order one last custom hamer,

another thing to consider is the fender /gibby non compete.....

could this be the end of the almighty standard , vector and special ?

its very possible.

that or we'll be hearing more yes' than no's to custom orders...

very sad news , and to think fender was on its knees begging for mercy not so long ago..

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Doesn't Fender know the resale is bad? Maybe a Euro will buy it back? :D

yea if I'd only have sold all my amps and guitars sooner..

we'd have had dayglo hamers

for all to enjoy B)

seriously I am not happy about this... these guys are really the last NON bolt on safe haven...

not matter what the up charges are.

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I've got 2 - 2000 something one off Custom Shop Strats and the build quality is not near the build quality of my Hamers. The CS Strats are much closer to my 82' Japanese Strat, which I think is the best guitar of the 3.

I'm still looking for a Cali......

I hope they don't Touch Hamer USA.

Very Sad news :rolleyes:

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They will touch Hamer USA as they are ruining Jackson/Charvel. They have raised the prices by 30% plus on J/C guitars, made some options Master Built, meaning big $$$$$$$ upcharges(the are J/C guitars not Fender I am talking about) and have limited options now or made many options that were afordable, very expensive. Well, let`s just say, if they treat Hamer USA like J/C USA, they will fuk it way up.


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They could buy the now defunt Heritage Guitar (Former Gibson Kalamazoo) building, now that Heritage closed.

They were only closed for a couple months for a reorganization. They are back in business now!

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