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New Standard Arrival!

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Howdy folks!

Usually I stick to my Duotones as my main live guitars, but I just got this standard and it RULES!

Chambered, Bound and Crowned. Plays and sounds like a dream.

Check her out:


Also- BIG THANKS to my friends Matt Smith, David Koltai (Pigtronix Effects) and Adam Smirnoff (Robert Randolph Band, Lettuce) for coming out to my jam last night and tearing it up!

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I dunno if that's good advice...

Didja see that belt? :ph34r:


No prob: Below the waistline, angle the neck up, rest the right forearm on the wing and you're in biz.

Beauty guitar, Geoff. Every rock guitarist needs at least one V/Explorer/Standard/etc. in their lineup.

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The upward angle exaggerates the height. But as a general rule, I set the strap length

when I'm sitting down practicing so that when I stand up the placement is the same.

"Play where you practice".

Otherwise you sacrifice a ton of agility for a "look"- But hey, whatever works for you.

Berraberranize looking burst on that one, Geoff! Now all you have to do is get a Duotone bridge on it....

There's already *another* piece of madness in the works... heh, heh, heh... should arrive in a few weeks.

(not a standard though...further bulletins as events warrant...)

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Nice looking guitar.


Crap, now his amp is sideways

Hahahaha! I posted the original sideways version because when it loaded up I was standing sideways but the amp and guitar in the background were "right side up". It made me giggle because I actually got vertigo in my seat for a second as I was looking.


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I like it on ya, Geoff!

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