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great guitars need great amps


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These are keeping me happy :blink::)

Older Bogner XTC 101B with Germino 4-12 loaded w/Heritage Greenbacks:


Mesa Mark-III Green Stripe combo w/MC-90 and EV loaded Thiele on bottom:


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I've used several other amps over the years in the name of versatility or portability, but I invariably come back to my 50 watt smallbox Marshall Jubilee head. I'm using it with a matching 2-12 slant cab for most indoor gigs, and with a matclhng 4-12 for big stage outdoor gigs.

With a G-System for pre and post effects and routing, and a Rocktron Chameleon for the kind of sounds the Marshall's preamp doesn't do, I've got a rig small enough to fit in my Mustang, that's versatile and responsive, with two kitchen sinks full of effects overkill (but it still sounds great with all of them shut off).

I've still got a 1-12 Switchblade, but its not been used much since I got the 2-12 Jubilee cab. And, there's always a Powerblock with me, in the event of an issue.

Oh, yeah.....there's that 1965 Deluxe Reverb, too : )

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1x12 Switchblade or a 68' Twin Reverb... I'm kind of re-thinking the Twin these days, don't use it much anymore but I've had it such a long time that it stays. The Twin seems to hate any O.D pedal I put in front of it but the cleans are spectacular.

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Matamp LX 100 watts into a Swanson replica Matamp cab with Scholz Sugarcones.


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