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Hamer Thunderbolt

"IF" Hamer were to say yes they will build the Thunderbolt guitar but we need a min. of XX orders to do it. Who here would really lay down the cash to do it?  

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You have to modify the horn you flip as weel as change the area where the "v" comes together. If you just flip the top side of the v it winds up about the 14th fret. I have to chage the whole top wop horn inorder to make it look like Ricks T-bolt.

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I even have most of the design drawn in in CAD right now. I found a CAD model of a Flying V on the net & did some work to it.

I also modified the original CAD drawing of the Vector. Mine was a bit different from the cherry one pictured above because I did not extend the point on the bass side of the body. It was essentially a V with one horn flipped 180 degrees. IMO it should be built to the shape of the cherry one.

The neck and the hardware are identical to a V (minus the tailpiece that I can easily make). The only other thing that is needed is a case.

Fuel to the FIRE!!!!!

Here's my babee.....



Once just for laughs I had posted a pic of a Warmoth V body where I had flipped the top "wing" (?) around. It looked really easy to design...dunno... I believe that many people over here have the chops to make it happen, even if only as a summer project joke*.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, it really doesn't hang that badly at all, sort of like a Chapman Stick (I'll post some pics of me wearing the guitar at the Milano show, if I only can manage to find'em).

The tone is where you really hear the difference. It is a very "warm" sounding guitar (mine also has original 60s PAF sticker puppies though) because of all that mass on the bass side of the neck joint, which at the end of the day isn't all that bad IMHO.


p.s. More pics are on This Page Here

p.p.s: I will scan the Guitarst UK article pictured above for those interested. My apologies to CMattes who has been waiting for a shitload of time.

p.p.s: We're probably gonna do an article about the Bolt here in Italy, and maybe in Germany as well but unfortunately it won't be written in english :)


*Side note:

I spoke to the journalist who wrote the piece... He can't believe "how far this joke has gone".. It was actually intended to be an april fool's article on Gibson's "Super Prototype". But laughs eventually turned to acrimony.

Gibson apparently is p*ssed off because they would eventually have to pay royalties to the two british journos, who are reluctant to get involved (probably have been under legal pressure), and this is only two thirds of the stuff hitting the fan...

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Korina...not mahogany.

Otherwise it would sound too "warm".


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