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I never felt "comfortable" with a Tele although I owned a few. Here are some pics....

(The "Elvis" one wasn't mine. But it looked so cool I thought I would post it anyway)


The Elvis Tele


This was a 50th Anniversary MIJ Tele. Loved the looks of it also


"52 reissue. This was probably the best playing Tele I ever owned.


Not really a Tele, but I always thought Eddie had a Tele in mind when he designed this.

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This is a Custom Shop guitar that Fender did for the 2004 NAMM show. It's fully chambered with a spruce top. Weighs 5.2 lbs. I put Lollars in it. Quite the tone monster and so light you can hardly feel it on the strap.



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I also need a big, mean bridge pickup that's still Tele-ish. Any suggestions?

The G&L MFD ASAT Classic bridge pickup. I'd give you the link, but G&L's online store is down right now.

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You just can't ever have enough Teles!


My twang gang: 1982 Fender (Japan) Pink Paisley Telecaster Reissue; 1996 Hamer T-51; 1987 Hamer TLE (short scale); 2008 Kevin Schwab Custom Telecaster (USA Custom Guitars mahogany body, Warmoth maple/rosewood neck, Duncan Mini Humbucker and Five-Two pickups); 1999 Bill Schwab Custom B-Bender Telecaster (Warmoth flame maple over swamp ash body, Warmoth flame maple neck with ebony board, Glaser B-Bender, Hipshot D-Tuner, Duncan Little '59, Hot Stack, and Hot Tele pickups.

All I need now is a Thinline of some sort B)

No but thanks to our bet Bloozy here isn't going to here me begging to buy that T51 anytime in the next 10 1/4 months.

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Warmoth tung oil fininshed walnut body and Warmoth pickguard...Neck from a Japenese Fender Thinline... Washburn branded Gotoh locking tuners...Wilinson pickups....I was going to sell the body and abandon the project until a local shop offered me a busted up Thinline for $60...sold the F neckplate for $20 then paid $29 for the pickups and $17 for the tuners on ebay...bridge cost me $10 and came off a Mexican tele, and the straplocks were $1 apiece from a fellow in Canada. This budget project turned into one of the best sounding Teles I've ever played!



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Here is my Schecter Strategy Tele USA ala Telecaster Custom styled finish...



Dimarzio F-spaced Norton in the bridge, and a Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF neck in the neck. Each pickup has its own individual coil splitting capability. Pulling on the master volume knob splits the bridge, pulling on the master tone knob splits the neck. Delicious... :D

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Dirt cheap USA Highway 1 Tele that I picked up new in 2003/4. It was a GC sale, $500 out the door with a hardshell case (guitar itself was the magic three-fifty!).

It's an old photo; now it's wearing a tort pickguard and brass barrels, and a few more divots in the nitro finish.

I've been through a number of guitars since, including a couple G&L ASATs, and this one hangs on. It has that feel!

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Here is a partial iew of my Daphne Blue USA Spec Ed. Fender. The headstock matches he body. This is my gig rig for tonight.


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Homebrew TeleGib, cost just under $1,000 to build. Its a screamer and if I had to pick only one guitar to be stuck with, it would be this one. It can pull off Fender and Gibson like tones. Its incredible. Weighs just over 6 lbs.

  • Stock road worn body routed for humbuckers and the LP toggle.
  • Ashtray bridge cut short and added brass compensated saddles.
  • Pickups are Dimarzio 36th bridge and Air Classic neck.
  • CTS 500k pots and RS paper in oil .047 cap
  • Neck is a Musikraft with a straight 12" radius, medium jumbo frets, and a Clapton V profile, vintage satin nitro finish with light gloss nitro over the peg face.








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My current Tele...


Stike has a couple in the works, to be unveiled eventually. Here's one:


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