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Studio Appreciation Thread..


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I have my heart set on ordering a Studio in the Very Near Future but I need some inspiration. Hit me with your best shot!

From Jacksonsrareguitars.com since I don't own one yet.


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Studios are, by far, my favorite Hamer model. Yeah, they're not as glamorous as the Standard, but I just love em.

Two (of five):



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I used to own this one (as did Seeker):


And now own this one:


That factory, triple pickup Studio Custom was cool as all out, but I never used the middle pickup, and it only served to mess up what little picking technique i have.

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I had this gorgeous one. Yet another for the 'why did I sell that' file.

Tobacco Sunburst Ultimate Flametop.

It photographed pretty well, but in person it was jawdropping.



This one was on its way to me when UPS decided it would better be left undelivered.


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Wraparound Studios in natural are the bomb.


+1 There's a lot to like with those: love the wraparound bridge, the tops on those were beauties and a belly cut, too.

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