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Whats in your cd player/turntable/Ipod/8 track player lately?? Here's mine

Greg V-Tailgate Troubadour...makes me want a wah pedal again...

Krantz Carlock Lefebrve-s/t...a newer jazz record I actually enjoy, as well as respect like the rest of the genre.

Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland...after being a music and guitar fan for as long as I can remember, I finally like Hendrix...

Mark Knopfler-Golden Heart..revisiting his first solo record, I forgot how good it was.

Jim Campilongo-Orange...Definitely a mood record, but amazing stuff. This guy is as talented and gloriously quirky as they come!

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Harry65 got me re-energized abut flamenco, so I've been filling my noodle with flamenco all weekend.

I've already narrowed my flamenco guitar purchase to a top 10 list, and contacted my old teacher about resuming lessons.

I'm sick, but I'm excited!

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I found a copy of Warren Haynes "Tales of ordinary madness" and it has blown me away.

1) Warren Haynes - Tales of ordinary madness

2) Paco de Lucia/John McLaughlin/Al Di Meola - Guitar Trio

3) Grant Green - Am I blue

4) Kenny Burrell & John Coletrane

5) Jimmy Smith & Kenny Burrell - Master II

6) Shawn Mullins - 9th ward pickin' parlor

it's been a great weekend

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Krantz Carlock Lefebrve - except for one of the 2 or 3 vocal tunes, easily wayne krantz' best album yet.

Steely Dan - live stuff from '96 w/ wayne krantz on guitar, nice to hear him play in a traditional setting.

Mastodon - i've been diggin' the latest "crack the skye" so much that i've started re-listening to "leviathan" & "blood mountian" even tho i don't like the hardcore vocals. their riffs and arrangements are sick.

Slipknot - i remember lecturing my nephew 5 years ago about how these guys were all gimick. well, they've added rippin' solos and strong melodic vocals on their last 2 albums, gawd help me i've downloaded 5 or 6 newer tunes that really rawk.

the Bad Plus - been re-listening to their 1st 3 albums, and downloaded a few from "for all i care" w/ wendy lewis on vocals (great versions of yes' "long distance runaround", and zep's "immigrant song"). cool jazz piano/standup bass/drums trio.

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jamey johnson - that lonesone song(holy shit i can't get enough of this!!!!!!)

kenney chesney - be as you are(super duper mellow)

john scofield(brooks is da man)

p.s , atta boy mitch...............

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is pretty eclectic!!!

Muse-Uprising (pop)

Tagada Jones - Le Feux aux Poudres (French hardcore)

Golliwog- More Tha Meets D.I.Y. (punk from Slovenia)

Joni Mitchell

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The Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle

The Cars - The Cars

love that cramps , god bless lux...............

Actually, I think it was Satan that blessed him. Lol. He was the coolest.

In my expensive HDCD player, which I can find no new HDCD´s for, the following discs recently got a spin:

The Cure - 4:13 Dream

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - The filthiest show in town (no more the Cramps, but MLWTTKK fills some of the void).

Betty Davis - Is it love or desire

Sly Stone - Ain't but the way

Whitney Houston - I look at you

Alicia Keys - the Element of freedom

Bad Lieutenant - Never cry another tear

Monaco - Music for pleasure

Joy Division - Complete BBC recordings

Gov't Mule - By a thread

Lloyd Cole - Cleaning out the ashtrays

Donkeyboy - Caught in A life

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I dug deep over the weekend to pull out some gems for a long ass work week. Loading in Windoze as I type:

Sebadoh - Harmacy

Redd Kross - Phaseshifter

PJ Harvey - Rid of Me

Helmet - Meantime

Sisters of Mercy - Floodland

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Robert Cray - live BBC

The Ruts

Grant Green

Barney Kessel

Duke Robillard - Swing albums


The Meters (Rhino box)

and lots of Bert Jansch.

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TOOL...... I would kill for Adam Jones tone off any of their

CD's. The guy just had the most bad ass modern rock guitar

tones EVER!!!

sweet!!I am a recent Clutch disciple-the dvd "Full Fathom Five" is kickin' my arse-"Dragonfly", "The Devil And Me" and "Soapmakers" really stand out to me!

...and on an Adam Jones note, I recently ran a triple rec and a Coli 2C+ together via a Lehle pedal and a bunch of EV Thiele's...oh yeah!about 70% Coli and 30% rec and it was TOOL heaven..pure prison sex

...and also diggin' some Andy Timmons "Resolution" , along with some Band of Horses ,Steve Trovato, and some ARS ,baby!!!BARRY BAILEY could be the most unsung guitarslinger this side of the Mason Dixon-rock on

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Ian Hunter's new Man Overboard

Return To Forever Light As A Feather

Empyrean Isles Herbie Hancock

Idle Moments Grant Green


Hope and Desire Susan Tedeschi

Just out of rotation Chicago Transit Authority (still holds up all these years later)

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