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I thought it would be cool to have a thread exclusively for pics of rare Hamers. I'm thinking custom orders, low production numbers, NAMM guitars etc. I'll add a pic or two of my own very soon. What have you got?

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Hmm, that would be almost all my Hamers :blink:

2006 Custom Order:


Most recent ("last" sounds too final) Hamer Open House giveaway guitar


1994 Studio Custom. Only one I've seen with full binding and an ebony fretboard.


1991 Centaura. Only one I've seen with a solid flame maple body.


Others have come and gone. As will these I'm sure! :blink:


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1980 Lucille Prototype given to BB King, who gave it to Elvin Bishop who sold it to a friend of mine who sold it to me. Got it signed a few years ago!



1995 Prototype "Flying Finn" hand made in Tampere Finland, best Strat I have ever heard, and that's saying something!



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Not sure if my Chap' belongs here, with its bevelled cutaways and dot/boomerang board...

Whoever worked on it before I got it drove a honking wood screw into the bridge, instead of a proper hex machine screw, bored out the plate and split the saddle. There's an Ibanez saddle in there until I can do something about it.

I think I may start a Used Hamer Rescue...


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Wow Some nice looking Hamers in here. Looking at the Korina Vector Greg posted, I was thinking that reverse victory inlays would be really cool on that. That way the V's would all be going in the same direction. Would Hamer do that as a custom option?

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I guess this would qualify as rare. I've never seen one like it.


Greg that lefty monaco is exactly what I had pictured for a dream guitar, someones got great taste! Thanks for the drool-worthy pic!

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