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SOLD: Handmade Sorenson Custom Guitar, Satisfaction Guaranteed

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I've reduced the price on the Sorenson and am willing to offer the following money back guaranty - If you buy the guitar and are not happy with it simply return it to me in the same condition as sent and I'll refund to you the purchase price less any paypal fees I'm not permitted to refund. Simple as that. To help add teeth to my "guaranty" I've listed below a partial list of those on the gear page with whom I've bought/sold/traded.

This is a handmade guitar built by luthier Eric Sorenson. There are a few threads on him on mylespaul.com and on the gear page so you I won't go into too much detail here. Long story short is that after he received outstanding reviews of some LP replicas he decided to bring his own model to market. This is the first such guitar built. It was sold originally by Dave's Music. He had three others in production when he was involved in a bad traffic accident. Due to his injuries, he hasn't been able to resume his guitar building career as of yet. Hopefully he will.

The body, neck, and top of the guitar were built using woods over 60 years old. The body and neck are Honduran Mahogany, the fingerboard Brazilian rosewood, and the top a beautiful flamed maple. Matched to the spectacular body are top notch components, including Seymour Duncan Antiquities pickups and Grover Tuners. The neck is beefy without being huge. It feels similar to the R7 I had previously.

The quality of the instrument is clear from the pictures. The top is truly spectacular. The neck feels great. It’s been gently sanded to feel like it’s been played since the late 50’s. It’s a pretty thick piece of wood, and I’d guess it’s about 9 lbs. Not heavy but not a featherweight either. 24.75" scale. Tone and feel can best be described as vintage Les Paul. The second cutaway gives it a little weigh relief. Very comfortable to play standing or sitting. The only real blemish of note is around the horn strap button (see picture). Includes a really nice spectacular custom TKS faux alligator hard shell case. Purchase price is reduced to $925 cash. Shipping an additional $40. Add $25 for paypal non-gift transaction.

Pictures of the guitar are below along w/ other examples of his artistry. To give you an idea of the quality of the top, the first picture is the Sorenson on the left and a McInturff Taurus Custom, Terry's premier instrument (MSRP $6000), on the right.

Best to contact me via email at jimicoltrane@gmail.com.

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Thanks for reading this far.











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Glad to see this one get a new home :o. If I hadn't bought my redwood Studio, I would've been all over this one. Heck, even having bought it, I was seriously considering getting this one as well.

I'd love to hear how this one works out for you, bloozguy :huh:.

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