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In the interest of board civility


Should we delete more threads?  

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As most of you know the mods (robbie, cmatthes) and I are pretty solid on the fact that we don't like to censor the board. I let the Where's Alpep thread go in hopes that it would run out. I think it did although some didnt or refused realize it.

So now I am wondering if its worth it to let these mud fest run in the interest of fairness. People have said its your board do what you want and screw anybody else. The problem here is that I believe its OUR board because the HFC is a community. With out our membership this place would be nothing but some pictures and words.

Therefore, <NFL films voice> You make the call </NFL films voice>

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If you start pulling posts you will get more posts on "where did my post go?" and "Why did you pull mu post for?" It's more of a headache and not wotht the effort, IMO. I see it all the time around the net. Damned if you do damned if you don't. The key is people have to stop bumping threads and stop looking at stuff you don't wanna see. Take some responsibility.

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I like the openness, but it does have its drawbacks.

The problem here is that I believe its OUR board because the HFC is a community.

I agree, but communities have cops for a reason. Some people are determined to screw things up for everybody else, take advantage of people, etc. Always have and always will.

That's why to me, the bottom line is that ultimately you have to decide when the board becomes something other than what you intended. You don't owe anybody any explanations - maybe the supporters to a small extent, but even then, no one forced us to donate.

My vote would be for whatever makes you want to continue providing this resource/gathering place for Hamer freaks. There are a lot of cool people here and it shouldn't be a pain in the ass.

If you own the domain and pay for the bandwidth, call it like you see it and screw the rest of us. Do what you think is right.

If you start pulling posts you will get more posts on "where did my post go?"

Remember, you can alway delete the second post as well. Sooner or later, people will catch on.

But if you're asking each of us what we would do - I would've killed the "Where's Alpep" thread without a second thought. I work as a broadcaster and think several statements in that thread are libelous.

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I would have the admins move all of these type of threads that having nothing to do with Hamers, guitars, music, etc to the Outer Circle. Let everyone mudwrestle over there and let everyone over here talk about what most people come here to talk about.

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My 1 Cent? If you can't play nice with the other kids, pack up your toys and go home. There's no need for any disrespect on this or any board. I enjoy the joking around and different topics that we discuss on this board. When the criticizing and insults start, it makes any and all of us who post here look bad. Don't think so? Look at the top of this page, The Hamer Fan Club! That's you and me!

I have no problem with moderators pulling posts if they feel they're a personal attack on someone or things are becoming hostile. I realize this particular board is/was suppose to be for all other topics other than Hamer Guitar posts, but I feel we should still be civil and respectful of reach other.

Ok? Now group hug!

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Civility requires maturity. Maturity involves constructive use of issues to achieve resolution. Resolution requires participants accept that nobody ever gets their dream deal; but that resolution is better than continued conflict. Most of all we need to learn from our mistakes, and from those of others (I call it "free wisdom"). Like them or not, the free wisdom is worth the price.

From all I can see, all the issues obviously targeted by this thread are "Water Under the Bridge". Moving on looks like a good idea.

As for deleting entire threads, that deprives the civil among us from discussing unpooular issues in a civil manner. Flame posts, or individual posts which do not comply with the Termos of Service are the real culprits, and those individual posts should be deleted. When noncompliant posts consitute the bulk of a thread, then deletion of the thread should be considered. It seems to me that Turdus did so with good success for a while.

Bury the hatchet guys.


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If the thread doesn't interest me, I don't open it. If I read something I don't like, I move to another thread. It's easy. I find a pissing contest amusing every now and then.

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Trolls, baiting, and flame posts are universal I'm afraid -- even in aviation. There are two bush aircraft that are so similar in looks it is uncanny, (the Husky (much faster) and SuperCub (hauls more) with both having avid followings and the moderator of the SuperCub forum finally had to invent a section (rants & raves) to house all the flame wars that spring up between devotees of the two aircraft. Here is his post:

SuperCub.Org Trolling & Censorship Policy

SuperCub.org was created for the enjoyment of Super Cub and other bush flying enthusiasts around the world to get together and discuss the things that mutually affect them. In some cases, this is politics. In some cases, it may be religion, in some cases it involves killing small animals, and in some cases it involves emotional and feverish exchanges that some people find pushes their blood pressure to the moon.

In order to aid folks in not seeing these kinds of posts if they did not want to, we created the "Rant and Rave" area. It is free to all who dare enter, simply click the usergroups link http://www.supercub.org/phpBB2/groupcp.php at the top of the forums and request to join the group. It is only a formality that we have to approve your joining; anyone wanting to join will be added. You can also be removed if you get tired of the stuff.

When a post starts out or goes in a direction that I or others believe is of the kind to make some people uncomfortable, I will move it to the rant and rave area, and leave a shadow topic so those who want can chase it down there. The best thing is if you can post these topics in the rant and rave area to start with. I may choose just to move the offensive part of the post.

It is important to point out that I move posts around all the time, and I delete old posts all the time - when they seem to me to be of little value, like the other day I deleted "Anyone know where I can get a Cessna 180 left gear". No one had responded in 9 months. So I figured we did not know and I deleted it.

It is also important to point out that the Rant and Rave posts are automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity. So they disappear. This is how the section works. It is a feature! It has always been this way there. If you REALLY want to keep one of these, print it off and put it in your scrapbook.

Trolling is posting remarks intended to anger or insult another poster with the goal of starting a flame war and disrupting the site. Troll posts will be edited or deleted at the moderator?s discretion. Do not take the bait when trolling is aimed at you. Please contact me by email or PM. Tolerance for trolling in the rant and rave area will be greater, but not universal. Anyone consistently making posts that the administrator deems constitutes moving it to rant and rave, or elicits consistent complaints from other users, will be warned. If the behavior continues the user may be banned from the site for a period of time, or permanently. I encourage you to read this basic guideline on identifying trolls, and the best thing you can do to counter them. http://members.aol.com/intwg/trolls.htm

While we are vehemently opposed to censoring the useful exchange of ideas, even when tempers flare, I reserve the right to move or delete posts that I feel do not fit the spirit of this site.

If you have questions about this policy, please PM or email me and we can discuss it.


Of course, I'd never want to cause any trouble . . .


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I personally do not like the idea of deleting posts. Nearly everytime one has been deleted, for whatever reason (which is EXTREMELY RARE and isn't done lightly), there is great beating of chests and gnashing of teeth in protest - almost exclusively from parties not even directly involved. When the request is made by the original poster, or a legitimate complaint has been directed to the mods, this is handled in as diplomatic a way as is possible on an internet message board.

People like to talk big behind their computer keyboards. Unfortunately, that's the reality of things. I am not a fan of censorship, but do agree that there has been cause for post deletion or routing to another area of the board on occasion. If you don't like the way this site is moderated, feel free to volunteer. See how much fun it really is dealing with the petty issues on a regular basis! (hint - it AIN'T fun!!)

I like the idea of moving the bickering threads to the O.C. where the ranting can go on until the pointlessness becomes deafening.

Edited to add, I also don't think ANYBODY is owed a public explanation for a deleted post when the original post's intent was CLEARLY nothing less than a trolling or instigation. Trust me - we're all Message Board savvy enough to spot that crap a mile away. If you don't like it, go cry somewhere else - you shouldn't be starting trouble in the first place.

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Don't forget that the people who are already gone won't be counted in your poll. It's a real number, and you know it includes some good people who have said "screw it!"

Whatever the case, you and the mods are doing OK in my book. I say keep deleting as you see fit, since it seems to be done in moderation anyway.

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I would vote for pulling "personal attack" posts. It would force those kinds of disputes or differences to be handled somewhere off the board.

Just my .02

Problem is (and believe me I know this because it's rampant on other boards I frequent), no one agrees on what constitutes a personal attack. And what it invariably comes down to is: it's a personal attack if we like the guy who gets criticized, but if we don't like him 'he had it coming.'

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