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the ten most righteous HFC-owned Hamers


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Only one of mine that might be worthy of this great thread:

My Standard Custom custom order

Posted Images

I forget.....Did I mention THIS one?


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Lots of amazing looking guitars in this thread!

My two favorites (visually, never played them) are the sunburst with Danelectro headstock and an Artist in jazzburst with a wraptail. I believe it's Veatch's if memory serves me correctly.

I have a silver studio that I also think looks super cool, and sounds/plays great.

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I am biased but I would have to put the bass I ordered for my wife in the top ten. some day I will take some new pics and post them.

as for the punisher.....

that guitar really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I worked extremely hard putting in a bunch of hours with Frank Untermyr , Frank Rindone and the original purchaser to order that guitar to get the order given to another dealer over maybe a $20 savings.

I was the one who convinced Hamer to do the inlays and I was the one who told the purchaser that he would need to get written permission to use the inlays which were needed. this one off liscensce allowed Hamer to do the inlays. If I remember correctly the fingerboard was send to someone else to do the inlays which was also unprecidented.

I spent countless hours on getting that order together and then having it sent to another dealer.

bad juju

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OK, Now we are starting to get to the point that it is JUST Drool inducing! :huh:^_^:blink:B)

Earlier I posted Shorty and while self promo seems to be the order of things these days, it is time I start my true "OTHER HFCer Owned Hamer Top 5".....

Formerly Formula73's but now another HFCer but I have forgotten the name/nickname at the moment, The Punisher...


More to come........ B)

#2 My inspiration for a run of Dean Zs. Many thanks again to BCRGreg for getting DMcP to order this and curses to Fretknot ;) for beating me to it when it went for sale. All good as I ended up with another of DMcP's Standards and the Dean P90 Z run prototype.


Korina AND P90s YUMMY!!!!!!! B)^_^:ph34r:

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I t took me a awhile to find what kind of Hamers I liked. Start in 2000.

As the second owner of the the Punisher it was a great looking guitar but I learned that pretty guitars are just not for me.



Also 4 digits didn't do it either. Great sound, the shape is cool to look at but it is not comfortable to play for me..


Tried this cool Vector with LED lights in the fret board, now we are getting somewhere, but the shape is still not it.


Liked this also but still too pretty.


Then I tried a bunch of Sunbursts in various colors and vintages from 77 to 82.

This was close but not quite it.


Then I tried a special, lots of specials (7 or 8) and then tried a zebra stripe, no not it.


Then I got this one, my first 1982 White Special and that was it. I think I found it for me.


The I got this 1982 and this was #1 for years and is now #2. Has great story, if its true, in that it was played but a guy for years 2-3 times a week in some southern hard rock cover band , then he gaive it to his brother who played it for years in some other cover band. I got in 2006 and guy said it was contonusly played form 1982 till 2006.


This is an 1982 that was modified into current #1.


Recently got this one and it plays great, looks great, but might be too pretty.

oops don't even have a picture, single hum 1982 Black Murkat Special.

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Ok. Time for some more basses ;-)

My one and only custom HAMER order ever ...


Winner! That bass is absolutely perfect.

As for six strings, I've always been partial to the Chris Matthes Caddy green M3. A beautiful guitar.

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Well, it is still "in the family" AFAIK, and checks LOTS of classic Hamer boxes:

Original design


Custom ordered 1 PU

Factory checkerboard finish

Stadium logo

Chasing LED's




This one is simply a cool mod, but I'm fond of it:


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This one is simply a cool mod, but I'm fond of it:


Sweet baby jeebus, whose is this??? Cool!

It is Carfish7's. He has some sort of blackmail material on Feynman, I think, because that's who had it before him. Before Mitch, dunno.

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Only one of mine that might be worthy of this great thread:


I did not know something like this exist! What are the pickups?
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I think it would be very hard to name the 10 most righteous HFC Hamers.

Every time I turned the page in the book, I went, WOW!, didn't know that exsisted. Its a good thread to remind everyone Hamer was the custom shop! Alot of "10s" were produced there.


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