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9 hours ago, RobB said:

Bob Welch; the OTHER FMac guitarist. The post-Peter Green era kind of gets the short shrift from blues fans, but I dig it. All of the BWelch era...I dig it.

I have a vivid memory of a post-FMac Bob Welch hosting The Midnight Special (a quick Duck Duck Go indicates that was Season 7, 15 June 1979, so I was not yet 15).  I had no idea who he was, but I definitely noticed while playing "Ebony Eyes" he was holding his left hand in "that shape."  I watched MS and Don Kirchner's constantly trying to understand how to play guitar and this "shape" kept coming up - ends up it was a root-on-low-E barre chord.

I also remember him eliciting a cheer from the crowd about his choice in clothing and remarking 'fashion was kind of one of his things...'  Why can I remember this?

It was decades (internet age) before I made the Fleetwood Mac connection (my first exposure to FM was Rumours on eight track), but that was after I made the Peter Green/FM connection... 

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Digging Bonamassa's new Royal Tea. Songwriting partly with Bernie Marsden. Usually, I'm not a Bonamassa guy. But this one comes to my likes.


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Yipes, what a killer live LP! I used to own, "Mahogany Rush: LIVE!", BITD, but never really followed Frank's music. My loss.

When I took lessons from Mary Friedman, he mentioned what an influence Marino was on his own playing. Ulrich Roth, too.

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13 hours ago, RobB said:


The Grail, the Grail! I have seen it!!

This was stupidly expensive, but glad I snagged a copy. All killer, no filler. This will keep me in line until the 8-CD box of, "SITN", is released this month. 

I passed on this on RSD because I'd ordered the 8-CD box (which is already in my Amazon Music library).  I've listened to a song or two, and it's really good.

I did pick up the Marino even though it was RSD First - not sure if that means there will be a subsequent CD or just more vinyl, but I decided not to wait.  I've only recently started to listen to Marino, despite my best friend being a long-time Marino fan.

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52 minutes ago, RobB said:

I hate thieves.  Missing: The Who: "My Generation" Mono 3xLP box set. They passed on, "Wings Over America." The shitbag robber has good taste, LOL!

Well, that was quick! Can't say UMG doesn't have great customer support:


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