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Don't need new music until this is organized.

I’ve been on a huge Redd Kross kick.  This is one of the greatest TV performances I’ve ever seen.  

My fave Bon-era record. Tight, raw production, it's got the goods. I still get verklempt when I hear, "Gone Shootin'."

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On 1/7/2021 at 4:24 PM, RobB said:


Scott Gorham did the heavy lifting on this record. Bluesy, lyrical hard rock riffing on this one.

Just read Cowboy Song; Phil was mad about Robbo's no show and wasn't going to let him participate at all. It was Gorham who convinced him to let Robbo in at the end and dub a few solos.

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Went down an early era RHCP rabbit hole this week, I was obsessed with their punk funk 80s albums back in college.


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Too much UFO for Two Hands to Handle?



Overlap? Oh, to be sure. but the band is so tight on these shows and Schenker is playing his ASS off. The mixes on the "new" shows are excellent. The remastered, original LP also sonically benefits from this redo. 

"Love to Love" and, "Rock Bottom"..? Gaw-DANG! "On With the Action", from, "No Heavy Petting." MS is just ripping it with snaky bends and that wide vibrato.

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I started following Alejandro Escovedo on FB recently, and a search of his name in my music library lead me back to this album. So good!



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Raising like the Mary from below the sea
She's got easy livin'
Dancin' in the evening till a quarter to three
She's got easy livin'
She's never had a worry
She's never in a hurry
Slithers like a snake with the greatest of ease, well
Ooh, ooh here she comes again
And you know, you know what that spells
You've got trouble with a capital "T"
I wish you luck but she's gonna be full of history 🤘



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20 minutes ago, DaveH said:

You must be listening to all of those in FF! 😂

Well, no. Got nuthin' but time to plow through my LPs. Yep...lots an lots and LOTS of time.

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