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Loving my new old Mirage II

JJ Paul

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So Colin's Mirage II is finally in (safe, unbroken, thank God)

I must say that even with the old string it sounds killer!

I love the response of the Seth Lover puppies and the way the guitar "honks" when the tone is rolled down... With the Fulldrive in my Twin I was getting some very convincing early-VH tones. Wow. One can really feel it was played with love & passion.

Off to restring it with some Snake Oils and to adjust the trem a little bit.

This 'un is a KEEPER!

;) ;)


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It sounds unreal but I always thought the Mirage left something to be desired when it came to playability.

I don't know what it can be, really.

This one really shines.

If it's just pure luck on my part then, by all means, I deserve it ;)

but I don't think so.

As far as tone factor, it has just finished kicking my korina Standard in the face.

It wasn't pretty...


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