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Need a Accutronics Reverb Tank

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you have got to be shitting me. I am about to order a 1AB1C1B for a Yamaha powered mixer from Accutronics Korea.


Dear Sir

How are you?

Thank you for your enquiry of our reverb pan 1AB1C1B.

When you want to buy this from us directly, please refer to the followings and inform us your confirmation by return.

Then, we can deliver this product within a week after receiving your payment by Paypal.

Followings ;

1) Unit Price : US$20.-

2) Shipping method : EMS US$22(Please inform your shipping address for shipping charge).- Total ;US$42.-(Notice : Sometimes change shipping cost depends on country and weight) or if you have any express account no. like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, please inform us.

3) Payment : By paypal : Address : belton@unitel.co.kr

We are waiting for your answer with full mailing address and tel.no. for delivery.

Best regards / H. Park

P/S ; (1) For other information of our products, please visit on our web "www.accutronicsreverb.com " and "www.belton.co.kr"

(2) The EMS service doesn't call to customer when they deliver, please check your product where it is with B/L.

If it doesn't delivery to you in a week, you have to check it and call to your postal office.

Because when the EMS visit your home, if there is no one, they don't visit again and they send it back to Korea.

If it returns back to Korea, you should pay shipping charge again.

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First, flip it over and be sure it isn't just a broken wire from the jack to the transducer. I've seen a bunch of those break.

If it's just bad, check the specs here:


The most important thing is matching the input and output impedances. They may have something at AES in a Type 8 that is suitable, and a better quality reverb.

Just a quick check - I think this one will work: http://www.tubesandmore.com/products/P-RK-8AB2D1A

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Gus - too funny. I had been to their website, but had not yet inquired about a price. $42 may be more than the amp is worth. Pulled out of dusty storage. I may skip on the the tank, and part the amp out.

Brian - the wires to the transducers are broken. Unfortunately, they are broken inside the coil, with not enough lead to repair.

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I'm replacing my tank because something is shorting out in the tank when the console is horizontal (it had been placed on its side for the past 6+ years). Gravity seems to be the cause. If I lift one side and tilt it past a certain angle it works. I can send it to you if it can be of help.

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