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1. The last roll of black and white checkered Tolex MojoTone had in their inventory :) . Thank you Chris for steering me to them.

2. OK - I am fully aware these guitars are aesthetically even more polarizing than Kahler's are in their own right :) , but hey, I think they are cool as hell. Also, two of my friends who have played them swear their overall build quality and attention to detail is on par with Hamer's. They also loved the way they played and said they were insanely resonant unplugged. This is a very nice seller who gave me a great deal on it - we'll see on the build quality part.


Side note: the seller plays in a local band with Dudley Gimpel, who is having him signed the inside of the access cover - which is a cool freebie (There are a few YouTube videos of them playing together to prove it!). I also got the impression Dudley may have assisted him "selecting" this one. Tracking shows it will arrive here Friday. I'm a bit worried - this entire region has been cold as all get out for the past few days.

I'll have a NGD thread sometime this weekend after it sits and acclimates. I'll also be selling my V.O. Phantom Custom an amp to make room for this one. That will get posted FS this weekend as well.

I did a Griswald amount of friggin' driving (~1700 miles), but overall it was a great Christmas for the family.

We are (I am) very blessed.

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Cowboy hat. And my wife surprised me with some Ibanez Paul Gilbert love ordered with the case from our local mom and pop. They do like to see her come through the door in early December: Love the

My daughter painted this acrylic on canvas for me for Christmas! In the living room/practice room it goes! Get any musical stuff this year?

I got the joy of watching my son open up his new EBMM John Petrucci 7 string.

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