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Murkat built Black 1982 Single Pup Bound/Crowned Special On EVILBAY

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Buy yourself a nice guitar, please PM offer, be reasonable no lowballs.

Well I've decided to clear out everything but 1 guitar and amp. Not really playing that much anymore as I fight thru various phycical issues that are not really going to improve much over time. But I'm going to keep something for those days when I feel like playing.

Have what's left of my amps up for sale on Reverb and Gear Page. Pedals will go up after xmas.

This is my best looking and playing guitar. Jay did a really great job on this one. It's just too pretty for this old pun and I think it has more market potential then my other beater.

Here is orginal explaination about the guitar
well,... it is a "She" ;)
can purr like like a Kitten, but if your not careful and not paying attention, She will bite your dick off :o .
Old school /with a touch of new school.
early 80's special donor
vintage Grover tuners, barrel worm shafts.
early Hamer Slammer pickup
Old school DiMarzio High pup ring
Old sunburst sustain block bridge and ferrules.
New Hamer input jack
CTS 500k pot
nos 6/6 nylon nut
jumbo frets.

There is a case, I'll get a picture if your interested. $1,599 shipped to the 48 or BO. No trades. Can take payment up to 6 months if your interested.




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That is total bad-ass there. I am sure it has tons of Murkat mojo on it too!!!

Gary is a great guy to deal with. He takes super clean care of his toys too!!!


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Thats no doubt one of the coolist guitars I have seen here on the HFC and its in my favorite color! :) [And its Bound and Crowned] If Jay did it you know it was done top notch. I would think this guitar will sell to someone here and remain in the family. GLWTS!

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Oops remeasured and it was off here are the correct numbers.

Its the biggest of my 1982 hamer specials as thats all I have to compare it with, strings off, dial caliper, 12 fret, i get .895 and at the nut i get .960.


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Nope, im keeping 1 of the 2 i have left. When i decide which one im keeping then im going to sell the other one

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No mention of the cool Ibanez knob?



I was thinking that if I bought it, that would be the first thing to be jettisoned into the woods.

Are you foolish??? Don't throw that knob away!!! These knobs are worth a fortune today. No kidding. Try to sell it on Ebay. You will remember me. Besides environmental pollution! ;)


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A very cool guitar to be sure....................I remember the build thread well. If I had not just gotten something else..................Hamer............. I'd really like to have this one in my circle of friends. :) Hamer never did anything like this did they? as far as a CUSTOM build I mean. :unsure:

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