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blasphemy thread: Anyone NOT a fan of flamed maple guitars?


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I love flame tops and quilted tops, and single plank no tops.

I love flame and quilt for the look, and I like the snap it gives Mahogany.

But then there's the resonance and sustain of one single piece of great wood, like Mahogany, Ash, or African Limba.

I love them all.

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I like the plain wood better...stuff like a Hamer or Les Paul, I would rather have a trans finish, but over plain maple...weird huh? Like this-


You might find his blog about his Gibson LP Custom Shop guitar interesting:



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Love flame tops, not a fan of quilt tops.

I agree 100% I also like transparent finishes. I'll take a transparent finish any day over a solid color. If it's a solid color I want white.


You might not be able to tell by the picture but the white is solid the other 3 Fenders are transparent finishes.


The studio has a solid black back. That's one mistake Hamer did with this finish. Hamer used some of the nicest mahogany I've seen on their guitars. It's a shame they covered it up.

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I have a few flamey tops. I have a few solid finish guitars (metallic/etc). I've also got a bunch of translucent finishes with standard woods. I generally like to have SOMETHING going on color wise. I Like bursts. I like metallic. If a guitar doesn't have either a burst, some kind of metallic finish, or flamey stuff, I get bored of how it looks.

So yes, My hamer diablos are kinda boring I wish they were bursts, or metallic. (or both)


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FWIW, if the choice is between using fancy woods for guitars or furniture, I choose both. As an example, I used some figured wood (Ambrosia Maple) to build cabinets and a counter top in an "empty" length of one of our rooms........I chose the longest boards I could get so I could cut the drawer fronts at each level from one continuous piece, thereby extending the grain pattern horizontally. For the top, I cut boards on edge to "bookmatch" them, then glued them to a sheet of MDF to make "custom plywood" (with roughly a 3/8" thick "veneer" on top).


Did something similar with walnut and butternut in another "empty" space.


One of these days I do need to take a stab at making some "display cases" for guitars too. But I know my amateur status is NOT a good base for taking on guitar making!

Those are really nice. Did you prop up those pictures and chess pieces just for the pictures or are you not playing loud enough?

ETA: I used to make custom reptile enclosures but nothing as nice as that.

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my only experience with solid body flame maple is the guitar was very bright, and I couldn't get it under control with several pickup changes to typically "dark" sounding pickups. This was a guitar that had a mostly solid maple body.

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