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'Titanium' Tune-O-Matic bridge saddles...any good?



I've noticed that lightly used 'Titanium' saddled TOM bridges, removed from recently-made Gibsons, are being sold by guitar parts sellers on FeePay now and then. From what I can find out from online forums and discussions, some people love 'em, some people hate 'em, but they're still kind of a new 'flavor-of-the-month' item to most players, including me. Any opinions and experiences to share? TIA! :)

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I placed titanium saddles on the Floyd of my Cali, and I dig it. It's brighter and has more sustain and clarity. HOWEVER, if you already have a bright guitar, you may not like it. Obviously, everything else about a guitar has to be considered as to how titanium reacts with it. My Cali is mahogany, so brightening up the tone a bit was a plus in my book.

Anyway, I realize the topic wasn't about Floyd saddles, but I suspect adding titanium saddles on anything will add the same sort of characteristics. Whether or not you want those characteristics is another matter.

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