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Who did most for Rock Guitar or who made you take it up.


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"Who did most for Rock Guitar or who made you take it up"

Who dids~

1st. Chuck Berry.He was the first to bring guitar upfront, more than just a prop.

Jimi Hendrix.He brought to the table nobody else did, could at the time. He set the bar, others loathed in fear.

Jimmy Page. He could play anything with strings on it, but when He strapped on a LP, game over. Used LP's sales on the rise(not known as vintage as of yet).

Plenty of others in that time period. Steve Marriott for an example as well as Leslie West, etc.

Ace Frehley. Simple yet effective. A lot of guitars were sold during the onslaught of, and easy to play off on.

Angus Young, Ac/Dc. Not much in sales, but, another in take up and play it.

Eddie Van Halen. Mr. Legos himself. He mainstreamed a cocktail of technique from past present future. Frank Marino was doing wiggle stick dive bombs tapping etc. years before.

Stevie Ray Vaghaun. The big Fender come back, Strats are back. Big sales.

Slash. HUGE sales for Gibson. Huge.

There are others. Plenty. But for dollars procured for manufacturers per note, these guys are , where tops.

Who made me take it up.

Ace. (Alive) the raw power of a Les Paul plugged into a cooking Marshal amp. That sound. The slanky ness. That did it.


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