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Mesa Lonestar Special 1x12 - $1350

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Keeping my Mk IV and selling my LSS.

Red tolex in excellent shape. I switched channels and solo boost with my G-System (which is absolutely seamless, BTW), so the footswitch has never even been stepped on. Always covered. NOS rectifier.

I have the shipping box, but even though this Mesa won't break your back like so many others, this should probably be a meet-and-greet to buy. I'd drive halfway up to two hours from Birmingham, AL.

Not looking for any trades, thanks. 

*edit to add pics. I’ll include that Rola G12-65, which KILLS in the LSS, if someone buys it before I take it out. Once it’s out, only the stock speaker is included.







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Oh man.  I've always wanted one of those.  And that looks totally cool.  Too bad it's not in my budget at this time.  GLWTS.

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Those are nice!!!!  I missed a shot at one I played on at a guitar center, and still regret it sometimes. Great little amps! The power options are great, and the class A single ended mode is definitely awesome.

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