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Studio Cleaning Sale - Price Drops!

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Got a bunch of stuff for sale. 
All include shipping and PayPal (A PPGift would be nice if you know me)
Of course, any reasonable offers accepted.

Lindy Fralin Tele 'Stock' Pickup - $45. Shipped/PP’d
Aged Cover, 7.4 Ohm. 9.5” of wire.


Gibson P90 Soapbar pickup - $30. Shipped/PP’d
Cream. Came out of a 2015 Gibson Goldtop. 8.1 Ohm, Comes with screws and 12” of wire.  


Bill Lawence Tele Pickup - $30. Shipped/PP’d
Flat Pole piece Broadcaster Bridge pickup 8.8 Ohm. 8” of wire. Comes with screws and rubber thingies. 

Lawrence1.jpgLawrence 2.jpg

 Wilkenson Aluminum Tailpiece - $30. Shipped/PP’d
Intonated, Wrap Tailpiece. Never used. 82.5mm stud spacing. Comes with Studs and Posts.


Komet K.O.D.A Overdrive pedal - $160. Shipped/PP'd.
As many know, Komet gear is some of the best-of-the-best. This pedal can do it all. There isn't a bad tone in it. So many settings for sculpting just about any tone you want.



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PM sent on the Faber wrapper.

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Ernie: Is that BL unit a Keystone?

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I honestly don't know which model the Lawrence pickup is. I just know it's 8.8 ohm, it sounded really nice, very vintage tone, not overwound or anything weird. I just sold the guitar it was in and put the original Fender P/U back in it.


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