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On 5/25/2019 at 1:02 PM, gtrdaddy said:


Here's a few:

NUMBER 2 SERIES, our two channel line that brings bottom-end like no one else:

The Swirl and a Half - Our two channel amplifier with a built in Leslie effect to fill a venue with that old, but familiar vibe.

Available in a head or combo (6", 10" & 12").

The Pinch - Will get you going quickly with our two channel vintage voicing, with such rich harmonics, you'll think you pinched them yourself. 

Available in head or big bottom combo.

The Beard-Splitter A no-nonsense two channel unit  that will cut through with ease and get you where you want, regardless of the highway you choose.


NUMBER 1 SERIES, With these Number 1 single channels, you will get the best tubes have to offer:

The Head - Our LEADING single channel amplifier head with a very forward, in your face all-tube feel, that really knows how to deliver the juice. 

The Six - Probable the most common tool used, although not often bragged about, our glistening 6" combo has plenty to give, in a moderate, but effective package. The Six is the perfect grab and go! Guaranteed to please. Don't let the size fool you.

The Shaft - Our most desirable single channel combo, features a 12" driver that will destroy every other amp out there with its pulsating swagger and goodness. This isn't for one with a soft touch, this is for those who want rock, hard, and satisfying. 

Mr. Johnson - Yes, say no more. While he wasn't actually with us during R & D, he did call us to tell us what he thought needed to be changed along the way. 

I'm not sure about a name for it, but I think the number 1 series needs a  200+ watt all tube head - so loud you will piss yourself...

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On 5/28/2019 at 6:25 AM, Midnight Moses said:

It's missing reverb for that authentic toilet sound.

Oh... You mean "The Porcelain" reverb tank? 

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