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NGD Not What I Was Looking For

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Lately I have been looking for a Knaggs SSC and had my eye on a few.  I was going to start seriously shopping after my vacation.  Little did I know that Martin was doing a promotional event in the local music store in Virginia Beach. (Where I am vacationing).  The HD-35 was too much temptation.  Looks like I will wait a bit for the SSC and I have a noisemaker in my hotel room.


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Best restaurant there is a place called Coastal Grill.

The Chrysler Museum in Norfolk is worth a trip to see the glass collection.

A ride down the coast to Knott's Island followed by a ferry ride to the mainland is cool thing to do. There is a winery there that has a tasting room.

The civil war era Fort just North of the HRBT tunnel is a nice historic thingamajiggy, and of course Jamestown is an hour North as is the Amusement park Busch Beer Gardens.

If there are any ships in town, the Naval Base sometimes has tours of the larger ones.

Say hello to all my homies I have not seen in a few years. 

I don't have a ton of recommendations for leisure in Tidewater. I spent most of my off time on a bike, followed by a ten year attempt to fnot all off Seneca Rocks, WV.

If you need a mechanic, for any reason, call Coastal Imports and tell them Jim Gale says to help you out. Ask for Matthew, the owner.

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